No words

I struggle to find the words

Not just some words

The right words

But I can't seam to manage

Nothing will come

All I can do now

Is be honest

No pretty words

No pretty illusions

I admire you

I truly, truly do

And you mean so much to me

You're everything I could ever want

You're everything I admire

Everything I wish I could be

You're calm and peaceful

You're wise and trustful

You don't joke around

And act like a clown

You're true and right

You never put up a fight

You know just what to say

Even if things don't work out your way

You listen to everyone

And talk only when they're done

You are shy and encouraging

And I always find you smiling

I'm sorry I don't have the words

To describe you a little better

Maybe there will never be enough words…

I admire you

I truly, truly do.