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1. Will a song ease your way, silent stranger?

Would your spirits be lifted with voice?

'Neath these shaded and dark sylvan pathways,

shall I give your heart cause to rejoice?

2. May I walk with you here, lonely traveler?

In solitude no further stride.

Our laughter will echo in silence,

if you but surrender your pride.

3. You think you are lost—it is not so.

I have brought you here, be not alarmed,

if you'll stay here with me in my forest,

I'll see to it you are not harmed.

4. Will you tarry with me but a moment?

Let your burden become that of mine.

I'll protect you from danger and trouble,

only let my love be shared with thine.

5. There is much yet to do in my forest.

My creatures will keep your heart light.

Old lore and legends abound here,

and love comes to life in the night.

6. Why turn me away, weary wanderer,

when before you I offer to dance?

These woods be less dark and forbidding,

when the breeze whispers soft of romance.

7. If you hope to escape from my clutches,

and continue your wayfaring way,

leave now before sleep is upon you,

or my hostage forever you'll stay.

8. Why quicken your steps? Are you not glad?

Do not think of your home far away.

Only dwell on the beauty around you,

and here let your dreams ever stay.

9. Your troubles are past, let them stay there.

No need do you have to press on.

Embrace now this darkness around you,

and on waking your doubts will be gone.

10. My whole heart is yours, if you seek it.

Now and always you'll belong to me.

Surrender yourself to this darkness,

and the unbounded love that will be.

11. Yes, let your head drop and your eyes close.

Your dreams I will guide with my song.

Your strength and resolve are abandoned,

and you won't miss your old life for long.

12. Sweet slumber's upon you, lost mortal.

Abandon your worry and care.

Bid farewell to the life you have come from,

and the meek lass who waits for you there.