Evangeline: The Seer

Dublin, 1873

I was marched down the long underground corridor, two guards flanking me. I never was a morning person, but two strange men, the same men walking me down the hallway, yanking me out of bed at four in the morning is absolutely ridiculous.

As we finally reached the end of the stony passageway, the guard to my left knocked on an old, wooden door that came out of now where. And as the door slowly creaked open, an elaborate room was revealed, sporting elegant silk curtains and mahogany furniture. As I glanced around the room I saw something very familiar to me.


"Hello, sister," he murmured and nodded to me.

"What is this, Darien?" I asked.

And then I saw her, the Seer. She is one of the oldest of the Seraphs. She was a withered, seeming small and vulnerable; though anyone who could identify her knew otherwise. Her long white hair fell across her titled face, giving her a dazed, slightly crazed look. Her wings looked as sallow as her skin, missing feathers and looking ragged. I could not imagine how she was holding herself together, never mind standing upright.

"Come, my dear. Join us," the Seer said, motioning me to come forward towards them.

After I reached them she began. "There are Demons killing supernatural beings in the future. I am not certain of their motive, but my guess is they wish to exterminate the more powerful beings and rule the supernatural world." The Seer paused.

"How cliché," I commented, earning a look from Darien.

The Seer only continued, paying no attention to me. "They are killing vampires, elves, faeries; both Seelie and Unseelie Courts, orcs, mermaids, even an entire pack of werewolves and of course Seraphs."

"How far into the future?" I asked.

"One hundred and thirty-six years, to the year 2009," the Seer replied.

"Why are we just now getting word of this?" my brother asked, shaking his head, confused. "Why not tell us before to prevent these events from ever happening?"

"Because I am old, boy. My Sight is not as it was." Then the Seer looked at me with ancient eyes. "These events were meant to happen. Just as young Evangeline is meant to stop them."

"What?" I asked, just as Darien exclaimed, "She is barely of age!"

"She is the only one who can succeed," the Seer declared, as she raised a finger to make her point and turned to depart, leaving my brother with no room to comment further.

"Well," he huffed.

"I'll be fine, Darien."

"You aren't even nineteen yet."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips. I was perfectly capable.

"If you two are finished bickering…" It was Finn, the messenger and one of Darien's closest friends.

"Yes, quite."

Finn walked over to Darien and handed a brown package, but before we could ask anything about it we were ushered out the door by the two guards who escorted me here.

After our meeting with the Seer came to a close, Darien and I flew back to our home. He gave me the package, the one Finn had handed him earlier.

"These are the clothes we had made for you. They are accurate to the Seer's description of futuristic attire," Darien said as he handed me a pile of folded clothing. This apparel consisted of some blue, durable looking breeches, a red shirt that read "AEROSMITH" with scroll-like wings around it, along with a jacket tailor to let my wings come though and some rather skimpy undergarments.

"What is 'Aerosmith'?" I asked my brother, holding up the shirt.

He only shrugged. "At least the wings are appropriate." I lifted an eyebrow, examining the artwork.

"Do I have to wear this? It's so… reveling," I said, eyeing my outfit, the breeches didn't bother me, seeing that is what I wore when I flew. Though the low cut neckline and short sleeves made me apprehensive. I was usually covered from the neck down.

"Oh come now, Evie. It's not that bad. Besides, the Seer says you must wear this, otherwise the mission will not be successful."

"How can my clothing effect the outcome of a mission?"

Darien gave me a warning look, "Evie…"

I sighed. "Alright. But I still don't understand why I have to go now. Why can't I just train for the next one hundred and thirty six years so I'm guaranteed to succeed?"

Darien shrugged. "I have no bloody idea. To me, training would be the logical thing to do. But the Seer says 'jump' so we jump."

"Darien…" I said, using the same scolding tone.

"I know. I know. I just don't want you to be in danger."

"You're such a big softie," I smiled.

"Yeah, yeah."

I was turning to leave when Darien called, "Oh, and Evie, you'll also have to brush up on your American accent."

I groaned, "Lovely." I'd rather sound like a bleedin' leprechaun.