I was riding on the bus,

couldn't wait to get home,

the bus seats where full,

no place left to sit.

The bus stoped,

and the most beautiful girl got on.

She stood across from me,

holding on to the bar.

her hair was short and red,

the skin on her face was so fair,

of course I couldn't say a word,

I gave her a smile,

and immidiatly looked away.

I looked at her many times,

and as soon as I noticed her look at me,

I'd tear my gaze from her.

I wanted to offer my seat at the next stop,

but the next stop,

I found,

was mine.

So I forced myself off the bus with out a backward glance.

I hope that I might be able to see her beautiful face again,

till then I will charish the small amount of time I got to see her face.