Welcome To Panther High School

Reading the memo below her, she shook her head, tears at the edge of her eyes waiting to fall down onto the printed-paper in her hands.

It read:

To the Parents of Ellie Cordwood,

We have accepted your request to have Ellie Cordwood attend our private boarding school. We want to let you know that she will be quested to start after the winter break, just to give her enough time to say goodbye and pack her things.

If she is in need of money for any of her classes you could pay us on her account either by person or by Internet. We do offer some jobs around here for little pay since they're classes are from nine am to four pm. All students will be allowed to roam the school after seven am and before nine pm, unless there is an event that goes on. If you are worried about her grades, you could e-mail us at …

It was typed in a nice way, and signed in pen underneath the principal's printed name. Ellie shook her head again this time, tears dropped onto the piece of paper. Winter Break…that would only give Ellie one week and three half days before she's tended to leave to this private rich boarding school. It was named Panther High School, who would want to name a school after an animal?

Why would her parents want to send her away? Just because she wasn't like normal girls doesn't mean there was something wrong with her. Was there?

Ellie left the house out the back door before her parents came in through the front. With the paper still clenched in her hand, she hopped the fence after grabbing her skateboard from the side. Landing on the right side of the board, she pressed her foot against the pavement driveway, which started her off. Past her father's black BMW and her mother silver Lexis.

Leaning to the right as she turned onto the walk way, towards the their local hangout which was not surprising, Sonic. It was something about their drinks or was it their employees' that made it their hangout. Every other rich, spoiled, popular high-school upperclassman at their Jenkins High school worked somewhere else like a nice store in the mall or didn't even have to work at all.

Skidding to a stop, using her back foot to press down on the back of the board. Hitting the curb, she jumped off and caught her board when it popped up. Running to the side door, she knocked on it. Standing back, waiting for someone to answer, and when a guy came to the door she motioned him to come outside.

"Ellie, I'm working, so what's up?" He said coolly, not knowing what was wrong or what was happening. He had long black hair that matched his green eyes and pale-ish skin. He was a few inches taller her, not counting the roller blades (part of the uniform) but anyways, he was one of her closest and bestest friends.

Handing him the papers, she crossed her arms over her chest, one hand holding the board. Sniffling the tears, she'd have to leave him behind, not to mention the rest of her few friends she had.

"Oh, Ellie," he looked up at her after reading the papers. He hugged her tightly.

"Quit hugging emus!" A kid called from his truck, it was jock, like always, they ignored him who was easier than you might think.

"Jay, I don't know what to do. I don't want to go. I like it here…" she paused as her eyes fell down to the floor. "I have my friends," she looked back up at him w/ a frown across her lips.

The boy nodded in an understandment. "My shift is over in an hour, get the rest of the guys and we'll meet up at the yard." He patted her head before returning back to work. Jay wasn't the only one that worked, there were two more boys that worked, but they worked in the mall, one at Pac Sun and the other at FYE.

Jumping back on her skateboard, she took off down the street towards Tay and Ty's house, the two brothers that were sure to be sleeping at two-forty-five on Saturday afternoon.

Other Chappies Will Be Longer! -Promise