"Danny and I broke up."

"Oh no!" Heather gasped, pressing the phone to her ear. "What happened?"

"I don't know! He just said it wasn't working out!"

"Aww, Kayla, I'm sorry…"

Heather spent the next half hour consoling her friend. After she hung up, she breathed a heavy sigh. Poor Kayla and Danny. They'd seemed to happy together. Danny had pictures of Kayla on his myspace – even one of the two of them kissing. Kayla's myspace headline had been "I 3 Danny". What had gone wrong?

Heather had been with her boyfriend for two years. But in all that time she had never proclaimed her love to her boyfriend Peter through her myspace headline, display name, or a picture of them kissing. Actually, she found that whole trend unbearably cheesy.

Thinking about the whole thing reminded Heather that she hadn't yet checked her myspace that day. She typed the website into her web browser and logged on. New comments! Everyone loved seeing that they had new comments.

"Hey, we haven't hung out in a while. We should get together soon."

It was from her friend, Tad. Heather crossed her arms in distaste upon seeing the comment.

"Maybe we never hang out anymore because your insufferable bitch of a girlfriend is always on your dick," she thought. In all seriousness, Heather could not stand the girl. Amanda was her name. Heather took great pains to avoid her, but it was impossible to when it came to Tad's myspace. Her headline? "I love you!" She was always leaving him comments dripping with "Our love will last a lifetime"'s. The girl needed a good slap in the face. Or preferably, a good bullet in the head.

Nevertheless, Heather agreed that she and Tad hadn't hung out in far too long. She went to his page to leave a reply, and was greeted with the shock of her life.


Heather's heart leapt with joy, but she couldn't help but be confused. What was going wrong with all of these couples all of a sudden?

The next day at school she was met with another shock. Cara and Dakota had broken up. It was actually more of a shock than Tad and Amanda's split. Cara had a photo of the two of them on her myspace – a classic black and white Hollywood-like kiss that had received upwards of thirty comments. Everything had seemed so perfect between them. And now they were over.

"Ha," Heather thought to herself, "all these people are cheesy as hell and make a show of their relationships on myspace. Wouldn't it be funny if myspace were cursed, and putting up kissing pictures and shit in effect doomed the relationship?"

She laughed to herself for another moment. And then stopped.

"…Oh my god."

Could it be? Could there really be a relationship-dooming myspace curse? It would certainly explain why all the internet-cheeseballs had quickly-failing relationships.

She had to test this theory? But how? It seemed ridiculous and impossible, but Heather still wasn't willing to take the risk of posting a picture of her kissing her own boyfriend.

Heather reached into her pocket and touched the digital camera she kept there. Then, with a determined air, she marched to the second floor English department corridor. That's where that skank Caitlin was always making out with her boyfriend Patrick in between classes. Upon seeing them there and going at it as usual, Heather whipped out her camera and snapped a picture before either of them could notice she was there. Unfortunately, the flash gave her away.

"Hey!" Caitlin cried, pulling away from her boyfriend. "What the hell was that?"

"Oh, uh…" Heather fumbled her camera, quickly regaining her grasp on it before it crashed to the ground. "It just sort of went off, I…I didn't mean to…it's a pretty cute picture, though. Really. Here, take a look."

Heather pulled up the previous image and held it up for Caitlin and Patrick, who swiftly snaked his arm around Caitlin's shoulders, to see.

"Hey, that is a good picture. You should totally like, email it to me."

"Oh, of course!" Heather said. "And you know something else? It would make a really great myspace picture."

Caitlin rolled her eyes. "Well duh. Who would I be if I didn't show this picture off? Look how hot we are together. We're perfect."

"We broke up!"

"No, Caitlin! What happened?"

"He was using me to get to my older sister!"

Heather listened in on the hallway conversation from behind a large pole. It had been two days since the incident in the second floor corridor. As far as she was concerned, her theory was proven. And she couldn't have been happier. She'd had enough of that cheesy myspace crap.

How long would it take before others would catch on? How had they not caught on already? One thing was for sure…from that point on, whenever she saw a picture of a couple kissing on myspace, she would laugh.