T h e S o f S n

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The night sky over Khamasin, Saudi Arabia suddenly filled with the anguished cries of a thousand innocent people as they struggled to keep their hold on life.

The foreign attack had come swift, deadly… and invisible.

This time, the gas was of a different sort. It was indistinguishable, and the results were immediate—a quick, swift death, but not one without pain. It came with a tight wrenching of the stomach and a sudden pain to the head, followed by lung failure. Then, the heart would stop beating completely, and an individual would fall to the ground and expire within seconds. This mystery was one that scientists from the Middle-East would take months to decode; and in those months, millions more would die from it.

In his final moments of life, a law-enforcement official in Khamasin reached for his phone to alert the nearest city, Bisha, but stopped short and doubled over with the pain the poisonous gas caused his stomach. His cry of horror soon joined the others that filled the city.

It has never been a secret that the Middle-East is in a time of turmoil. The center of religious wars and the base for the world's largest and deadliest terrorist organizations, countries have been taking sides and starting wars for centuries. Warfare has been increasing gin technology over the years, no doubt, with the invention of nuclear weapons.

Biological and chemical warfare came in its first form in the early twentieth century and has developed ever since. Its effects have plundered plenty a country.

However, as terrorist organizations ponder over the effects of powerful gases and proceed to extend their fingers into other countries' businesses, one group of people lurks in the background, wreaking havoc under Al Qaeda's façade.

Their purpose is not to gain control, or to join the conflict between Islam and Judaism.

They are an unseen force that is beyond powerful, and behind the scenes, they have developed the most scientifically advanced technologies to aid their cause.

They are the nameless terrorists, the organization with the impenetrable shield and cleverly coordinated methods of communication. They are the people that work openly, who could be the one you sit next to on the subway; they are the people that cause devastation to an entire country with just a flick of their wrist.

They are the invisible people that have the ability to demolish any government anywhere, but choose not to. Instead, they hold a nation's leader under blackmail—an entirely different sort of religious war.

Yet one small group of people works against them; a select minority who know of their existence… and it is up to those few to stop them.