The Dark Knight


"…This just in, another three murders discovered last night, authorities are now cautioning all those who are living alone to lock the doors…"

The TV blinked once, and then went black. A small, growling noise erupted from across the room and out of nowhere; a large knife came crashing into the small television. It hit the glass screen causing the small machine to shatter and the inside mechanical guts to spark. On the other side of the large studio apartment, a man stood from his sitting position and gracefully sauntered over to the now television; his face was obscured and hidden by the shadows that now surrounded him.

He bent down and extended his index finger, running it across one of the many shards of glass. Smiling, he pressed the glass into the pale skin of his palm, causing the flesh there to pucker and bleed. The man, however, showed no sign of pain as he shook with laughter. He stood, his own crimson blood dripping from his hand and onto the ashy brown carpet below him.

Tonight was going to be fun.


Okay, this is just a tease, but I hope you enjoy :)