The Dark Knight

Chapter Two


There were fifteen wrinkles on her father's forehead across from her. He was babbling something about being sorry that his ex-wife had died, she knew it was a load of bull. If anything he should be the first suspect in the case, the good Lord knew how much he resented her mother after the nasty divorce a few years back.

"Kyra? Kyra, are you even listening to me?" the man waved his large bony hand in front of her face snapping her from her thoughts.

"Of course father, I have nothing else to do today besides listen to you try to feed everyone a bunch of shit about you wanting your ex-wife to still be alive." She snapped and reached for her purse, she needed to start looking for a job now that she quit her old one. Kyra just could not stand the thought that of keeping a job that might have gotten her family killed.

"You will not talk to me like that young lady!" Mr. Bugle said sternly as Kyra stood from the table.

"Forgive me for being the only one in this town not afraid of the crime boss, father, but I have better things to do that take orders from a man that passed his time fifty years ago."

Mr. Bugle reached out and grabbed her forearm when she tried to pass, "Don't go playing hero, Kyra, in a town this big, nobody's gonna care about the word of an under age slut."

A slow smile played across her lips and she bent down to his level, "Well, you won't have to worry about that, father dearest, I never slept with any of them."

Mr. Bugle rolled his eyes as she walked away, he looked down at his soup and waited for the sound of someone sliding into the seat the Kyra had just occupied only a few moment before. He did not have to wait long as a man slid into the seat quickly and Mr. Bugle looked up. The mans ashy blonde hair fell half way down his neck and his clear green eyes looked past Mr. Bugles shoulder, he knew instinctively that he was watching his daughter.

"I'd be happy to have her escort me any day," he smirked.

"Now, now, Bron, you really shouldn't think like that, it might distract from your work."

"Well, I have to say, Deviland, if that's what's distracting me." He shook his head hopelessly before he turned his attention to the old man in front of him, "So, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, it's about the ghetto murders," Bron nodded for him to continue. "I don't care who you get to do it, but I need a few more murders before we can continue."

Bron furrowed his eyes brows in confusion and leaned forward, "I thought the whole point of working quietly was to spill as little blood as possible?"

"Yes, but-,"

"Daddy?" Kyra bent so that she could talk quietly to her father and Bron smiled as he got an eye full of cleavage. "Detective Gordon is here to see you."

"Thank you," Deviland watched over his shoulder as she walked away once again.

"You've got her trained well, one minute she's calling you an old man and then next she's calling you daddy."

"I only ask for her to be polite when we're around others, now if you'll excuse me."


Kyra tried to ignore the sound of stomping feet around her as she made her way down the crowded street. She had not actually expected her father to try to play the grieving family card, but he did a good job at it. Usually when something like death happened around him, he just played it off as if he did not care whether he was caught or not, if he was caught, he had enough money that he did not have to worry.

However, this time he did not want to get caught whether or not he could pay them off. Meaning there's something bigger going on…


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