Brillence is in the creation,

you see.

Now i can truly breath,

now my wounds are healing.

All my dead secrets,

I'm revealing.

Creation is true brillence,

like a child's laughter.

A poem that touches someone.

The beautiful bledding mess,

the dark little spirit,

is finally at rest.

So now from a new place i create.

That light knowing heart,

that was almost lost to self-destructive fate.

Free from the lost broken chaos,

this is from new stage.

No more rambiling on an incoherent page.

No more ink stained wrists.

Only memories of the jist.

The new hope

and the old dream.

Everything is what it seems.

Beauty and magick in everything.

A whole world of new things,

to see.

A whole life to create,

a new world for me.

A/N: The beauty of creation. Creating new poetry. I over came it all my depression and my writers block. It's all new, i have new insperation. I am writing new lines and new rhymes. R&R please.