Embrodak: The Crystal Sword


On a day in late April of the year 3317 a young man who had just turned 19 came to uncover a very powerful object that has been successfully passed down through his family line for a little more than 565 years. This man's name is Krystofir and he is a descendant of the greatest hero the Earth has ever seen, the man named Smythe Gerathi.
He was preparing to move out of his parents house and live with his friends in the other side of town. His mother had told him to pull out the spare wooden box from her closet and to put the rest of his things into it. He went through the house from the kitchen and went down the bedroom hallway. He turned right into his parents bedroom and went to the closet. He opened the door and looked around for that box and he got distracted by all of the things he had never seen before.
Krys saw the many love letters between his parents that had been saved and he even read a few. He saw the pictures that he and his brother and sister had drawn were stored nice and safe. He moved these boxes out of the way and uncovered more of the same. He found about three boxes filled with sentimental mementoes that his parents had given each other when they were first going out. He moved all of this out of the way and on the very bottom was the small wooden crate he was seeking.
He pulled on the crate but it seemed to be stuck on something. He put more force behind it but it remained stuck on something. He thought about this problem and then he wedged his fingers under the box and pulled upward. It resisted at first and when it finally came free he felt the section of the floor that it was over rise and then he watched it fall back down again.
He stepped out of the closet and set the empty crate down by the bedroom door and walked back over to the closet. He knelt down on the floor within the closet and stared with confusion at the floor. He moved his right hand along the floor and tried to find a way to open the floor up. He felt around until he felt a little latch and then pulled up on it. The floor raised up and a box was inside standing on one of its ends.
Krys pulled this long and thin box out of the ground and let the floor fall back into place. He moved out of the closet and set the box onto the bed and opened it up. He saw a case inside of the box and he lifted it out of the box and opened it too. He saw a nice looking piece of satin cloth inside and he almost lost interest until he moved the cloth and picked up the object within. He lifted the sword out of the box and stared at the gleaming object with awe. He put the sword in his right hand and carefully walked out of room, down the hallway, and into the kitchen.
He saw his mother standing in front of the window looking at a few birds that were swooping around their tree. "Mom, do you know what this is"
"What what is Krystofir?" She continued to stare outside and never bothered to turn.
"I found this thing in your closet, and I wanted to know what it is?" He moved towards her and set the sword down on the table.
Her breath caught in her throat when she heard this and she hoped he wasn't talking about what she thought he was. She became rigid and had to brace herself against the windowsill.
Krys looked at his mother and asked, "Are you okay mom? You are acting funny all of a sudden"
She took deep breaths and slowly turned around to face her terrible thoughts, the mythical crystal sword was lying on the kitchen table. She moved slowly to the table and took a seat facing her son. "I hoped that the sword would stay secret from you for quite a while longer, but now that you've found it I guess you should be told"
Krys sat down in another chair and picked up the glorious sword. "What is there to worry about mom? It is just a stupid sword after all"
"There is a story behind the sword and it is a major part in the history of the planet. There was a man in our family tree named Smythe that lived in the 2700's. He was an important member of his town. Everything was going swimmingly until about 2750 when he found a piece of hidden technology from the past. He took this object home and put it into the care of his wife. Shortly after that he went back out to the fields to finish the days labor. While he was out in the field about one fourth of the town came to his house, ransacked it, and stole his relic.
"He kind of snapped and wiped out that fourth of the town and went on the run. He had a dream that night and saw what the past had looked like and he went on a crusade to find out what happened. Along the way he got into a few fights and he even made friends with a talking penguin named Edgar. They traveled together into the face of adversity and he eventually uncovered the planets dark past. "Once he did this God became very angry and threatened to end the world unless Smythe made a fittingly ultimate sacrifice. He mixed the blood of someone who was pure evil with the blood of Edgar who was the purest good and their powers went into the sword you are holding right now. This sword has unspeakable powers and was left to this family to protect. If this sword were to leave the family and to fall into the wrong hands that person could lead an army to the planets demise. I cannot leave this sword to you yet, but when the time comes the protection of the sword will be left with you"
Krys looked at the sword and he instantly felt the desire of this power bloom within him. He stood up and swung the sword back and forth a little. "I guess you want me to put it back now and not tell anyone"
"Yes, not even your brother and sister can know." She calmed down a bit, stood up, and once again went to the window.
Krys turned around and headed towards his parents bedroom. When he turned around his brother Cliph silently moved back into his room and pulled the door shut quickly. He was nearly overflowing with excitement, and his 15 year old mind fantasized about what powers that sword could give him. He could never tell his family that he knew about the sword or anyone else that he knew, but he couldn't get the awesome feeling out of his mind.
Krys went into his parents room and wrapped the legendary crystal sword in the satin and put it back into the case. He placed the case in the box and put the box back into the floor space. He put the rest of the stuff where it belonged and grabbed the wooden crate and finished packing.


When he left home the next day to live with three of his friends he had a blast at first. He continued to have a great time for close to half a year before he grew weary of it. He began to explore the world more and he spent fewer night at the house than he did in the wilderness. Many times he visited a neighboring town and he met some of the most interesting people he could ever know. He began to spend even more time in this town and it took him around a month and a half before he met the girl of his dreams, of every mans dreams. He was initially attracted to her by her glorious eyes, her lustrous lips, and her heavenly hair, but after spending time getting to know her he realized that there was much more to her than her the physical aspects. This was the first time his attraction to a girl went beyond the physical, this new attraction was focused on her personality.
She, on the other hand, didn't immediately appreciate all that Krys had to offer, but he never gave up in his pursuit to win and her heart, and little by little it was working. He had a certain way about how he spoke, some kind of charm or wit, something he wasn't sure how he could do, but he was able to say the exact right thing at the exact right time. He was able to use his superior linguistic skills to woo this amazing women to go out on the town with him one night.
He had met this girl only three weeks ago, and since he met her he never once went to his apartment, nor did he attempt to call his friends. So when he showed up at his place his friends seemed a little cold and distant, like they were holding some unnecessary grudge against him for his wanton neglect of them.
Krys walked in with a content little smile and a cheerful tune on his lips. "Good afternoon all," he said as he passed through the living room on the way to his room.
His buddies were just sitting around in the living room and all three made a united sound of disinterest.
"Gee, you seem cheerful," Krys said as he moved back into the living room with a few articles of clothing in his hand. He headed to the laundry room and threw them in the washing machine.