I don't know if you knew, but I always would compare us to Mulder and Scully. You were the alien-hunter, "I want to Believe" kind of person, and I was the skeptic seeing is believing kind of person. Somehow, we fell for each other.

I know you told me several times that opposites attract. I knew that, even outside of science, that was true.

I remember how we would ask each other out to the school dances. One of us would ask if the other was going to the dace, and we would say yes, then we knew we were going together. We would always skip the pop dance songs, unless I dragged you out onto the dace floor for a little. We would always dance the slow dances. Even though we told each other we couldn't dance, we managed.

Even in the select classes we had together, we would talk about things, wrestling or Dragonball Z, although most of the time I had no clue what you were saying. I still followed, glad for the companionship.

We would work on projects and assignments together, unless one of us wanted to work with someone else, we were both okay with that.

Remember that project we did in the sixth grade, with Michelle and Jessica, the Roman City one? We worked so hard on that, but it turned out great, even though it fell apart when we tried setting it up for presentation. Mrs. Spray understood, of course. She even kept it for future examples in the classroom.

And remember when we did those individual projects? I did mine on musical instruments, and you did yours on aliens and what happened at Roswell. We even got permission to help each other out. You gave an example of the French horn, and I helped you present yours by playing the "Believer" while you tried to convey doubt.

People always made fun of us, as we walked down the halls. They would call you gay or me a slut or something like that. But in reality, they were jealous. None of their relationships lasted more than two weeks, whereas ours lasted over two years.

The last day of school, before the summer I moved, we kissed outside the band room, after everyone ushered us to do it. I didn't cry, thought, because even though I had known about it for months in advance, the reality hadn't set in. I didn't know I would miss you and everyone else so much.

I miss you, Andy, I always will. You gave me my fist kiss, and gave me my first taste of love.

We will always be like Mulder and Scully. I didn't know how much our relationship meant to me until you were gone.

"Mulder and I once had a talk about stars. He said that some of the starts we saw had been dead for thousands of years, but their light is still reaching us. He said that's were souls went when they died, in the starlight, traveling through the universe, even though the source is gone."

We were like the stars, always shining somewhere. And someday, we will stand under the same sky, together.