Dim black road before me

And the dark black road beyond me

Is swelling like a bullfrog's throat.

My hands on the wheel

Are clutching tightly, the tendons in my neck

Are taught cords, tight skin stretched too thin,

Pushing beneath the strain is something like vomit,

And although I'm afraid my neck may just split open

I cannot relax.

Oh my god

The road is about to turn, but the reflectors

-Meant to guide me-

Do nothing to hint at which direction it will go.

My eyes scan, skipping over the scene before me

Like a laser frantically reading barcodes.

Keep watching, keep watching, keep watching, I hear.

You're about to miss it.

My stomach is being sucked out of my back,

Into the car seat behind me.

At every rise and bend of that tar path,

It screams WATCH OUT!

Oh my god

I can't get off. There are no exits. This won't end.

I am speeding along these invisible rails,

And my box car has no brakes.