Chapter 1- Beginnings

A thunderclap echoed as a bright illuminating blue lightning bolt sheared across the dark sky. Raindrops began to drip down to earth as the grass of a wide field turned muddy. Two figures lay within the middle of the field, surrounded by a mass of bodies.

"Hang on, they're coming! Hang on!" A woman, wounded, crawled over to the body nearby.

"Sam…its cold…" The man started to cough harshly as he began to shake.

"Honey, I'm coming." Her right hand touched his hand, while the other pressed against her bloody abdomen briefly. Sam gently placed his head on her lap.

"I thought I was supposed to take care of you?" A pained chuckle escaped his lips as he coughed some more.

Sam made an anxious grin. "I don't need caring for."

A slim smile spread across his face as they shared their joke. He coughed again.

"Shhh…baby…don't talk okay?" Her fingers glided through his wet hair. "Everything's going to be okay. They are coming…" She tried her best to hide her fear and apprehension.

"Sam…" he gulped deeply. His hand pressed against her. "Not everyone can heal as fast as you." He pointed towards her wound and then glanced down at his chest.

Sam glared down at stomach; her gunshot wound had healed already. For a moment she despised herself and wished that she could heal others besides herself.

"Sam." He glanced up into her green eyes. She returned his gaze. "Promise me, no matter what, you'll go on?'

She looked at him oddly. "What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about. If I don't get out of this…"

"Shut up, you dork. We are both getting out of this alive." The rain dripped down her hair and found its way to his cheek.

"Sam…" He coughs again and she holds him closer.

"I won't hear of it. I'm not leaving you. I won't."

A painful, but defeated sigh leaves his mouth. "I love you, Feathers."

Her skin formed goosebumps. "I thought I told you not to call me that anymore." She leaned down and kissed his forehead. "I love you too." She leaned atop him, trying to keep him warm.

"I'm tired, Sam. I'm so tired." He coughed more violently then before. Her heart ached, knowing that there wasn't anything she could do.

"I know. I know." Sam began to rock silently back and forth. "They'll be here…" She glanced around frantically. "They'll be here." Her voice swept through the night.

A twig snapped in front of her and her eyes darted towards the direction. "No…" Her eyes grew wide with fear.

I guess when you're at the end; you start to think about the beginning. You begin to think about the things you wish you got to do and the things you wish you never did. Was your life worth while or was it pointless? All these questions flashed into my mind as I watched my worst nightmare emerge before my eyes.

I was perfectly happy with my life, living in ignorance of the chaos, and enjoying my favorite pass time: riding fast on my motorcycle. However, it seems that destiny had something else in mind for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

To understand everything, I need to explain the beginning. You know, the basic who, what, where, how and why scenario.

This all began years ago, before I was born.

Thirty five years ago, the government had a facility located in Canada. Somewhere in the Alberta region, I think. Anyways, the United States government paid the Canadian government off in order to perform genetic research in this particular facility; research that would change the clandestine industry of the United States.

Mitchell Linus Wicker and Gerald David Vallon were two Geneticists, hired by the government to run and perform research for a program called Prodigy. Designed by Wicker and Vallon, Prodigy was meant to evolve or enhance a target individual, by mutating the individual's DNA. With this in mind, the government decided to fund the research in order to train and develop individuals, who were superior to the common man, to infiltrate and execute classified operations.

With endless funding, Wicker and Vallon searched endlessly for a formula to combine human DNA with animal DNA; they believed that by combining the two, the animal DNA would evolve the targeted individual to a being that controlled a specific ability. Finally, after seven years of researching and failed experiments, the two finally achieved their desired goal; they had found the formula. By combining human DNA and animal DNA, a serum would be formed and combined with an individual; it had to be injected into the individual's bloodstream. Excited with this achievement, the government immediately demanded a human test study to be performed.

On the day of the presentation, the two friends created a serum that contained gorilla DNA, and injected it into a volunteer Marine. Everything seemed to go according to plan, however, something went wrong. The human DNA had rejected the new DNA and as a result, the Marine went mad and died within minutes. Unsure of the problem, the two demanded to return to redesigning the project, but the government wanted physical results and placed an ultimatum: a success test subject must be achieved within a week or the project and the geneticists' jobs would be exterminated.

Pressured by the government, the two conducted another test. This test, however, had more devastating effects.

The test subject, injected with crocodile DNA, broke free of his restraints and began to destroy the laboratory. The security personnel were able to detain him, but not after the lab was utterly destroyed and mutilated. He too, had gone mad, but was able to endure the new DNA a little longer than the other test subject. Nonetheless, overall, his body rejected the DNA. He died within the hour of his injection.

With another death on their heads, the government shut down the facility and terminated Prodigy. Angered at the impatient government and the end of his career, Wicker vowed to continued his work and return with a Prodigy that would enact his revenge. He asked Vallon to continue with him, but he, believing that Prodigy was a program meant to serve and help, declined. Wicker accused Vallon of betraying him and the two friends soon became estranged and separated.

Five years after that incident, Wicker and Vallon, though separated, had discovered a way for an individual to accept the animal DNA without devastating results. It was hypothesized that if a baby, in its first trimester, was injected with the DNA, would be able to acclimate to the DNA with its own; it would successfully develop in both human and animal DNA.

Over the years, Wicker had become bitter with the world and had developed the belief that his "children" (those that he would soon develop with animal DNA) were superior. He believed that a new evolutionary era was occurring and that his children would be the ones who would conquer and dominate the world. Knowing this dream, Vallon swore to protect the world from Wicker and his menace plan and soon sought 12 couples that were destined to rear his 12 Prodigy children.

Having known Wicker for years, Vallon earnestly planned a way to produce Prodigy children before Wicker. Disguised as a family physician, Vallon interviewed and observed couples that would be able to handle the Prodigy. Kind hearted and merciful, Vallon desired that the Prodigy children grow up as children for the first 17 years of their lives. Following their 17th birthday, Vallon would approach and recruit them to his cause. By allowing them choice, Vallon believed that they were more inclined to believe his cause, and thereby he orchestrated 12 couples to be their loving parents. To make sure that there would be no complications in birth, he enhance each animal DNA to endure any physical damages and made sure that each were born on a specific date: the first of every month. He also made sure that all would wind up back in Seattle, Washington, where his base of operations was located.

After having chosen his diverse recipients, Vallon began his work. Meeting with each would-be parent, Vallon secretly injected the serum within each mother's womb, whilst they were in their first trimester.

And this is where I come in.

I was born as Samantha Hawke to Shana Hawke on December 1 at 5:45 a.m in the UCLA women hospital. The last of the Prodigy children, I was the only one to have…uhh…complications with my birth.

"Shana, listen to me, you need to calm down! The baby has turned around and I need to have her head come down first."

Shana breathed heavily from her contractions and nodded frantically. "It hurts…"

"I know, but please, you must trust me."

"How could you know?! I highly doubt you have or will ever experience child birth!" She screamed as another contraction fluctuated.

The doctor tried his best to reassure Shana with a smile. "Breathe." He concentrated on turning the baby around, while nurses attended to Shana.

Within the hour, the doctor was able to turn the baby and a baby girl emerged soon after.

Shana, drenched in sweat, held her baby for the first time.

"Congratulations, Shana." The doctor smiled.

Suddenly, the baby began to cry tremendously and was turning blue in the face. Unsure of what to do, the mother cried for the nurses. Upon studying the baby, it was determined that she was choking on something.

"What's happening?!" Cried Shana.

"The baby is choking. We need to get it out." The doctor gently, but hastily, grabbed the baby and began to order the nurses around for something.

"Do something!" Shana's cries echoed throughout the maturity ward.

Within minutes, the baby began to cough as her face became pinkish purple. And then, something, unimaginable, emerged from the baby's mouth. The doctor slowly pulled it, and looked at it in amazement. The nurses around him stared at the baby in shock and mixed horror.

"What? What is it?" Shana cried, as she tried to see her baby. The doctor turned to face her, baby in arm, and an object in his other hand.

"It's a feather." The doctor said, unsure of what to make of situation.

"Oh." Shana stared at it in astonishment and fainted.

Yup. A feather came out of my mouth. Apparently, while I was in my mother's womb I grew feathers and swallowed one. Anyways, when my mother took me home, she had no idea of what I really was, so it came as quite a surprise….to both of us.

I think it was when I was four when she finally noticed my uniqueness, as she likes to call it. She told me that when I was playing with a small tennis ball in the house, I had bounced it under the couch. She was helping me retrieve it by trying to lift the couch up a bit. Following her example, I did the same, and to her surprise, and my glee (she said I was giggling uncontrollably) I lifted the couch…above my head….with one hand.

Wow…she went berserk when she saw that. She said she ran to the phone and began calling the doctor and Vallon, to see if there was anything…umm…particular about me. The doctor said everything was perfectly fine and she was never able to contact Vallon, who seemed to have vanished after my birth. After that incident, my mother made sure she kept a good eye on me; she didn't want anyone to know for fear that they would harm me or take me away. Since I could remember, she was always there when ever I discovered a new ability. If it wasn't for my mom's understanding and love, I don't think I would have turned out the way I did, especially when I went through high school and realized that I could transform myself into a hawk. I was afraid to tell her at first, but she knew something was wrong, and found feathers in my room one day. She confronted me and I spilled.

Due to my mother's occupation as a high class company lawyer, we moved around a lot. From Los Angeles, we moved to New York, then to Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Boston, Tampa Bay, and then finally to Seattle in my 16th year. My mom felt bad about dragging me all over the nation, but I didn't mind, we were together. On my 17th birthday, she got me my most prized possession: a Kawasaki 650R. It's a midnight blue motorcycle that rips through the air like I do when I'm a hawk. Well, as he had planned it, shortly after my 17th birthday, Vallon approached me. I would have never have done it, but something we both had not expected happened. Something that made me angry at the world, that made me disclose myself, something that made want to go to the extremes every single second of my life.

It was a simple basic day, when my mother went to work. Vallon approached me the day before, giving me the whole typical save-the-world speeches that you would hear in the movies. I never mentioned Vallon at the time, because I thought he was a nut job that forgot to take his pills. Anyways, my mother was walking to her car during her lunch break when a man attacked her from behind.

The cops didn't want to give me the details, but I found out by eavesdropping, when I went to the precinct.

He had knocked her over the head with the butt of his gun and proceeded to rape her in the parking lot. After he was through with her, he stole all her cash and began to beat her until she was unrecognizable. One of her coworkers found her on her way back from lunch. She was in the hospital for weeks.

Oh man, I was filled with this rage and hatred that I have never felt or thought I had possessed. I sought that bastard out. Using my abilities, I searched the streets, asking low-lifes about the crime. Two straight nights I found out nothing useful, but on the third, I found out his name.

Jeremy Collar, 25 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 220 pounds. He lived in the rundown part of the city. I found him at a bar. Knowing what a pig he was, I pulled the innocent lost high schooler act: looking for change for the pay phone to get home. He took the bait easily. He told me that he didn't live far and that I could use his house phone. I acted unsure and he played the I-won't-try-anything line, while I pretended to debate over the idea. Finally, believing that he convinced me, he took me to his apartment.

Once inside, I heard him lock the door and I could feel his eyes look me over as I head over to the phone. I reached for the phone when I felt him grab me from behind.

"I wonder what you taste like." Jeremy whispered into my ear. Disgusted, I head butted the asshole, pretty good. I could hear his nose crack as I slammed against it. He swore and tried to punch me, but I was too fast, one of my many qualities. He tried his advancements again, but in pure anger and hatred I used my abilities. He pulled a knife on me and slashed my cheek pretty good, but that didn't make me slow down. I grabbed his neck and tossed him like a ball across the room and into his bedroom; he went through the wall and landed on his bed. I can still remember the fear in his eyes as I began to choke him.

Samantha straddled Jeremy as she began to choke him with both hands.

"You bastard. I want you to suffer. I want you dead!" she screamed as tears flowed from her eyes. Sam didn't notice Jeremy reach for the gun that was under his pillow. She didn't notice the gun as it went off. But she did notice and hear the bullet whiz into her body and pierce out the back of her right shoulder. Sam jumped off the bed and rolled onto the floor.

Coughing and furious that a woman attacked him, Jeremy began to shoot at her again. More prepared than before, Sam pressed herself off the floor and ran to the living room, knowing that he would follow. Standing in the living room, Sam stood still with her eyes blazing in anger, and her left arm holding her wounded shoulder.

"You bitch!" Jeremy screamed at her, his arm raised with the gun. He fired at her and his eyes grew in fear as he discovered how easily she dodged the bullet with one swift hip movement to the right. "Who the hell are you?!" He fired again as Sam walked towards him, dodging the bullets without flinching. He began to hurry himself backwards as she approached him.

Impatient, Sam sped right in front of his face. She grabbed his gun with ease and pried it out of his hands. She tossed it aside and glared at him with merciless eyes.

"You raped my mother, you bastard."

He began to shiver in fear as he realized what was going on.

"I'm going to make you regret the day you were born." And with that she kneed him in the groin and jabbed him in the gut. He moaned as he slumped to the floor. Sirens could be heard in the distant, as Sam realized that someone must have called the cops.

"Get up. I ain't done with you yet." She kicked him in the stomach with the tip of her toe, which caused him to fly up. Waiting until he was at the right height, Sam kicked him again, launching him through the wall again and into bedroom again. She stared at the body as it grew limp. She walked over and began to punch Jeremy's face. She hadn't noticed that she had begun to scream as she continue to dismantle his face.

"Samantha!" A voice called out to her from behind. She ignored it, punching still. Suddenly she felt an arm pull her away. Instinctively, she turned to punch the voice, but he caught the bloody fist. "Samantha. Stop." Vallon's face meet her teary eyes. "You're not a killer. You're mother wouldn't want this." Seeing who it was, Samantha began to break down. She slowly drew to the floor and cried out in pain for her mother.

Vallon quickly got me out of that apartment, before the cops got there. I later found out that I broke Jeremy's legs and back. His face needed plastic surgery and he was in physical therapy for two years. He was also charged for the 3 rapes and 2 robberies. Vallon told me that Jeremy never mentioned who attacked him, nor did he wish to recall that night.

Vallon took me to his home afterwards to check out my bullet wound. He was pleased to discover that the cut on my cheek had already developed into a light shade of brown as it was already healing. My bullet wound, however, took a week to heal completely. I didn't even have a scar after my body regenerated within the week.

I stayed at his house that night; I fell asleep on the couch, while he watched over me. The next day, I visited my mother with Vallon. She was still unconscious, but I stayed. I stayed by her side until the day she left the hospital.

When she did wake, three days later and after I stop using a sling (thank god, I don't know what I would have said if she asked about it), she smiled up at me and asked me why I didn't bring her flowers. My mom's like that, always joking during the drama. I think that's how I picked it up, or at least I liked to think that way. We talked away before Vallon visited. She was so excited to see him and that's when she told me that he was the physician that looked after her. They caught up on history as I sat in silence; happy that my mother was all right.

I never spoke about what I did to Jeremy Collar, not even when the cops came to tell my mother that they had caught him. Vallon never spoke of it either, and I think since then, we had a mutual understanding. I saw him regularly after that; he never missed a day of visiting my mom. After my mom left the hospital, she invited him to Christmas dinner, to my dismay; I wanted her to rest, but she yelled at me to be nice and that she had enough rest in the hospital. It was that Christmas night, when Vallon told my mother the truth. I don't know why he did; he never told the other parents. Just my mom.

My mom wasn't thrilled at first, but she grew into understanding, as always. She soon agreed to have him train me with the others, but not until he had told us what DNA I was mixed with.

"Hawk." He replied simply. "I think I accidentally put bear in your mix too…but I'm not sure…"

"You're not sure?" Shana looked at him, her fork dangling over her plate. She glanced at Sam. "Not sure?"

"Relax, Shana. I was just joking. She only has Hawk DNA, but from what I've seen of her abilities and that of the others, I believe that they have evolved from their pre-design."

"What do you mean?" Samantha looked insulted.

"Well. I never expected you to actually become a hawk. I only anticipated that you would develop the characteristics. And, your strength is intriguing. It's unlike a hawk, but perhaps it was the enzyme I placed within the serum in fear of your safety…" He took a bite out of a homemade apple pie.

Preceding that conversation, my mother began to tell stories about my childhood. Of course my liberation of the tennis ball from the couch was her favorite. I was still unsure of Vallon's intentions, but I chose to follow him, knowing that there are were worst people like Jeremy Collar in the world.

After my mother's consent, Vallon invited me to his home after school in order to begin training with the others. I drove straight away after the last bell rang to Vallon's home. I parked my bike next to a black mustang and headed to the door. No sooner had I reached the door, Vallon opened the door.

"I'm glad you could make it." Vallon smiled pleasantly as he gestured her in and towards the living room. To Samantha's surprise, 11 other individuals were scattered amongst each other in the room. Food and drinks were set upon a table on the side and Sam noticed that the room had suddenly felt very small. She was excited to meet others like her, but now her shy teenager instincts kicked in as she stared at the others.

She analyzed the room and the individuals within it.

Three girls and a dirty blonde hair boy were standing in the middle of the room. The boy was telling a joke, while the girls giggled at the appropriate punch line. Sam smirked at the image. Two boys huddled over the food table were discussing their abilities. A girl next to the window, listening to her cd player, noticed Sam's glance, and raised a curious eyebrow, while another girl sat on the couch, with a bored look on her face. One boy sat in the leather chair, reading War and Peace, quietly ignoring the others in the room. Another boy sat on the armchair of the couch, drinking silently, and glancing over to the group of girls occasionally.

Sam moved toward the drinks when she felt a pair of lonely eyes watching her from the corner of the room. A boy, slightly older, watched her with interest as she poured some soda in her cup. The two boys at the table stopped talking as she placed the 2 liter bottle down, and watched her with intrigue.

Sam felt awkward as she drank her soda and made her way to the bookshelf, which next to the girl at the window. She glanced at her drink, wondering if it ever felt as awkward or embarrassed as she did. She glanced up and met the eyes of the boy in the corner. He immediately averted his gaze and pretended to look elsewhere. Sam made a small smile as he glanced around nervously.

"Thank you all for coming. You all made the right decision." Vallon's voice boomed as he entered the room. "As you all know. You are all very special, never forget that. Your talents are a blessing upon the earth, a blessing for those who are unable to defend themselves. That is why you are here. You are the defenders of the world." He glanced at each of them, his eyes ending on Sam. "Now. What I like you all to do is introduce yourselves to one another. I want you to tell us your full name, where you're from, you're birth date, you're DNA combinations, and finally you're abilities. In order for us to make harmony for the earth, we need to make harmony within ourselves." He nodded at the two boys at the food table to begin.

The taller of the two, glanced at the others and began.

"Kyle Henderson. I'm originally from Bay City, Texas. I moved here a year ago. I was born on May 1. Uhh…" He paused. "I got eagle blood in me. My abilities are flight and I can influence the air around me." He placed his palms together and slowly rotated his hands. A small tornado was formed in between his hands. He cupped his hands and the tornado disappeared. He shrugged and turned to the boy next to him.

"My name is Alec Michael Parker. I'm from New Jersey. Born on April Fools. I can blend in with any background. Oh yeah, I have Chameleon DNA." He stuffed some chips in his mouth.

Vallon turned to the two sitting on the couch.

"My name is Sean Marik Anderson. I'm from Denver, Colorado and born on the first of August. Uhh…to my understanding, I have a mixture of all known animal DNA." He looked around nervously. "I can pretty much shape shift to any animal I desire as well as communicate with them." Several awes could be heard from the group. Sean made a nervous smile.

The girl made an anxious smile.

"Hi. I'm Valerie Garth." She made a small wave. "I was born in Minnesota, but claim Virginia as my home, well I guess, Seattle is my new home. Anyways, I was born on the first of September and I have jellyfish and sea snake DNA. This allows me to become invisible and teleport from one place to another."

"What? How can you do that? A jellyfish can't teleport!" The boy on the leather chair piped up. Valerie glanced around, unsure how to answer.

"As I told you all before. You're DNA has evolved in such as way that it goes beyond your animalistic bloodlines."

"Right…but it still seems implausible." The boy glanced back at his book.

Vallon smiled and nodded to the group in the middle. The girls nudged the boy to speak first.

"Christopher Reynolds. I'm from Cleveland and born on January 1, which I guess, makes me the oldest of this group." He glanced around at every one, which made the majority of the group roll their eyes, while the girls around him swooned. "I have Armadillo DNA and my abilities are super strength and an indestructible layer of skin that I can control at will." He glanced around the room again and winked at Sam when he caught her eye. Sam scoffed and took a drink out of her cup.

"Hi. I'm Rebecca Manning. I'm from Michigan. I was born on February 1st. Umm I have Vulture and Egyptian Cobra in me. I can fly and shoot out venomous acid out of my hands. See..." She held out her hand and showed everyone a small hole she had. "At will, I can shoot it out."

"How far can you shoot it?" Sean asked.

"Umm I think 15 feet is the longest that I've counted."

"Cool." He smiled and it made her blush.

Christopher glared at Sean.

"My name is Phoebe Beckham. I was born on the first of October and I'm from San Francisco. I have Tiger DNA which allows me to move like a cat. I pretty much have all the characteristics of a cat." She shrugged and put a carrot in her mouth.

"Hi ya'll. My name is Melanie Clayton and I'm from Alabama. I was born the first of November. I have the ability to heal wounds and track anything that I want to, as long as I can smell it." She took a drink. "I have Siberian Husky DNA. Umm. I can heal things because dogs are known to have a secretion in their mouths that can increase antibodies." Everyone nodded in understanding.

The next to introduce herself was the boy in the chair.

"James Arcman is my name. I was born on the first of March in Seattle, Washington, but I grew up in Portland, Maine. I have dolphin DNA, which grants me an IQ that is beyond Einstein's. I pretty much know anything. I also have photographic memory and I don't need sleep."

Christopher scoffed at the last comment. "Everyone needs sleep. It's required for us to function." He scoffs again.

"If you hadn't noticed, Chris. We aren't like everyone." The boy in the corner finally spoke.

"And who are you?" Christopher asked with a snarl.

"Lucas McClaren."

"Well, I suggest you watch your attitude."

"Or what, pretty boy? You going to roll me down with your armadillo suit." He smirked.

"Oh, I'll do more than that."

"Bring it on, Superman." He laughed and motioned him to try something.

"Enough, Lucas." Vallon warned him.

Lucas shrugged innocently and went back to leaning against the wall. He noticed Sam's gaze and held it for a moment until the next person was introducing herself. A slight grin appeared on her face as she listened to the girl at the window talk.

The girl removed her headphones. "My name is Alexis Mae Jacobson and I'm from New York." Her accent hinted she may have been from Brooklyn. "I was born here, but moved when my mother died. I was born on the first of July. I have shark DNA, so I can relate to brain boy over there." She nudged her chin towards James, who made a slight grin. "If you don't get what I mean, I mean that I don't sleep much. I can survive on three or four hours a week. But besides that, I can breathe underwater; gills form behind my ears when I enter water. I also have some strengths of my own as well as speed. I can also regenerated myself when wounded." She drew out her switchblade and slashed her own wrist. Everyone but Lucas and Sam gasped. Sam watched intently as Alexis's wound healed itself within seconds.

"Sweet." Lucas muttered as he watched. "Where you get the blade?" He watched Alexis place it back into her back pocket.

"Took it off the punk who tried to rob my money." Her eyes twinkled as she placed her headphones back on.

That comment drew some people back. Chris turned to Rebecca and lipped the word crazy.

Sam suddenly felt everyone's eyes on her. "So I guess its my turn." Sam took a deep breath. "Well, my name is Samantha Hawke and I was born in December."

"What day?" Chris asked.

"What do you think nimrod?" Lucas spat out. "Our birthdates are all on the first day of the month."

"Watch yourself, kid."

"Call me kid again, boy, and I'll beat your ass."

Chris growled low as his fists clenched.

"Lucas!" Vallon snapped.

"What?" He looked at Vallon innocently. "I'm just conversing with Chrissy here." He winked at Chris. Vallon raised a finger of warning. "All right. I'll keep my mouth shut."

Vallon nodded at Samantha to continue.

"I have hawk DNA. I can turn myself into a hawk, move fast, as if I was flying I guess. I also have super strength and my senses are more enhanced; I can see, smell, taste, feel, and hear better than any human being. I can also see in the dark and like Alexis, I can heal myself, not as fast as her, but fast enough."

She took a sip of her drink and relaxed when the eyes left her.

Everyone stared at Lucas, waiting for him to introduce himself. He just stood there, looking across the room, and Sam could have sworn that he glanced at her again.

"Lucas." Vallon's voice was patient, but sharp. Lucas glanced up at him and motioned that his lips were zipped up. "Lucas, please."

"Yeah, Lucas, I'm dying to know what you can do." Chris smirked.

"Oh shut up for once." Sam's voice snapped up. "I'm growing tired of this. I didn't come here to baby sit 3 year olds."

Lucas studied Sam for a moment. He motioned that he unzipped his mouth. "Well since, we don't want to waste your time. I guess I better say something then, eh?" Lucas made a sly smile at Sam, who sighed and waited for Lucas say something.

"Well, since Samantha asked so nicely. I'm from Anchorage, Alaska, born in June, and I got firefly and Komodo dragon flowing through me. I can shoot fire from my hands, as well as control and manipulate them. My hands can also turn into claws." He lifted his left hand, which tensed up for a moment, and then his nails quickly turned into sharp claws. "It allows me to climb the trees, as well as swim pretty fast. Like the dragon, I can sprint at 12 miles per hour."

"I want you all to know that each of your DNA was designed to fit you and you alone. You are all unique and I am proud that each of you has chosen to help me in my cause." He studied each of them closely.

"Well, now that we all know each other, let's begin the tour. Shall we?" Vallon's hands gestured towards a door that lied beyond the living room.

Sam sighed as she waited for everyone to walk towards the door. Lucas was second to last to leave, again he glanced at her, and then headed out the room.

Vallon waited for her to move.

"And it begins." Sam muttered to herself as she walked out the room and through the door.