Lilly's POV

Vero and Oliver were still trying to pretend they weren't a couple, but I knew better.

Jean still didn't believe they were a formal couple. Both he and I had kept our mouths shut about what we'd seen and what I'd suspected. No one wanted Veronica to deal with Harold's undoubtedly jealous reaction if she didn't have to. Ignorance was bliss for that boy.

All of the guys would be graduating in another month. I'd miss them all. Jean and I still hadn't discussed what would happen after he left. I knew he'd head back home to California, but I didn't know what that meant for our relationship.

My cell vibrated on the coffee table. I tensed a little before I accepted the call.

"Hi Mom," I greeted.

"Lilly, how are you?"

"I'm doing fine, Mom. How've you been?"

"I'm well, dear. We missed you at Christmas."

My parents had tried to lure me back home for the holidays, though the effort was half hearted.

"Dad called me during December before I left. I told him I'd be with my boyfriend and his family. Didn't he tell you?"

This conversation was already unusual. Why would she call me months after Christmas to question my absence from home?

"Your father told me."


This was one of the reasons I rarely visited home. My parents and I never had much of a relationship, ergo; we never had anything to say to one another. I knew they cared for each other, but they didn't often give me their time while I was growing up. Vero was the closest I had to a sibling, so home was rather lonely for me.

"We'd like to meet this young man."

"Excuse me?"

She patiently repeated her request.


"Why? Because you're our daughter," she spoke offensively.

"I'm sorry," I cleared my throat. "I just meant that…I'm just surprised is all."

"So, when should we be expecting you two?"

"Mom," I sighed, "I don't think this is should a good idea."

"What's the matter? You don't think your father and I will approve?"

"No, that's not it."

"Does this boy have an unflattering background?"

My voice sharpened. "Mom, please stop."

"If this young man is important enough to spend the holidays away from your family for, he's clearly a big part of your life now. We just want the opportunity to meet him."

"That's all?" I ventured cautiously.

"You haven't told him about us, have you?"

She knew me better than I previously thought.

"I'll call you later, Mom," was all I said before I ended the call.

Oliver was playing a video game when I entered the dorm.

"Hey Lilly," he beamed. "Jean went out awhile ago. I don't know when he'll be back."

"Oh. Is it okay if I stay here and wait for him?"

"Uh," he anxiously looked over to Jean's side of the room. "Hold on."

He grabbed a few papers and folders that were uncharacteristically strewn about in a messy pile. He slid everything into the folder, almost as if hiding them from me, and took it with him to his side of the room. "Okay," he said.

I arched a brow and smiled. "What is all that?" I pointed to the folder he stuffed between some books on their shared computer desk.

"Nothing, just some of Jean's stuff," he said almost casually.

"Then why can't I see it? Is he hiding another girlfriend or something?"

Oliver laughed loudly. "Yeah, that's exactly it. How did you guess so easily?"

"Call it women's intuition," I played along. "I'll have to find a way to get rid of this home wrecker. I don't like to share what's mine."

Not seconds later, Jean walked in shouldering his carrier backpack even though it was a Sunday. He looked caught off guard.

"Oh, hey guys."

Oliver clamped a hand on Jean's shoulder. "Dude, don't look so guilty. She already thinks you have another girl on the side."

"A what?" he flushed.

He chuckled. "Ah, never mind. I'm out of here. I'm going to go see…uh, I'll see you two later."

Jean removed his bag. "Hey," he smiled gently. "You should've told me you were coming. Have you been waiting long?"

"No, I just got here." I walked closer to kiss him. "I need to talk to you," I said as I took his hand to lead him to his bed.

He held my hand a little tighter when we sat down. "Is everything okay?"

"My," I shook my head, unsure of how to begin. "I, okay, um, there's something I never discussed with you before; my family."

"I've tried asking you about them before, but you've always been so tight lipped about them."

"Well, I'm telling you about them now."

"All right," he said.

"Both my parents have always lived a very comfortable life. They both come from well off families. So, when they got married…things sort of became even more comfortable and leisurely. I'm their only child, so I-"

"You're a…heiress?"

"That's one way to put it," I smiled to lighten the weight of what I'd just confessed.

"Oh," he scooted further back on the bed.

I followed him and sat on my knees facing him. I watched him for a reaction, but all I could see was that my news brought him discomfort.

"I didn't tell you because it doesn't matter."

"How could you not think it would matter?" he accused.

"I'm not saying my family doesn't matter. I just meant that…look, I could already tell that this is making you uncomfortable."

"No, it doesn't," he took my hand and I came closer. "I'm just kind of upset that you never told me. I thought we were close."

"We are," I kissed him fully to show him just how much.

Jean gently pushed me back. "Not that way Lilly…" he muttered.

"In every way," I said earnestly.

"If you trusted me enough you would've told me much sooner."

"It's not like I lied to you! I just chose not to tell you."

"That's just like lying, Lilly."

"This is why I didn't tell you. People always have a negative reaction. Either that, or they're turned on for all the wrong reasons because they just want a friend with money."

Jean rubbed at his troubled eyes. "None of this adds up. Why would an heiress need to work at a nightclub?"

"Please don't call me an heiress."

"Well, that's what you are, aren't you?"

Now I was getting upset. "I feel like you're attacking me just for coming from a rich family."

"I'm not attacking you, Lilly. I'm just mad that you kept this from me for so long."

"I just told you why I kept this from you!"

He took a deep breath. "Okay. Then why were you working at the club if you didn't need the money?"

"Technically, I didn't need the money. I could've called home anytime for extra cash. But one of the reasons I moved out here for school was to gain a little independence. At least here, no one knew, aside from Veronica, about my parents and their money. But the whole time I've been here at school, I've lived off my own earnings."

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