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SOOOOOOOOOO so so so incredibly sorry for the long wait, but I just couldn't bring myself to write. I know that's probably the crappiest reason but it's the truth. Anyways I just want this story to be finished, so this is the last chapter. I can't stand this story at the moment, so excuse the crappiness.

Here's a very very brief little summary of the story so far:

Allie and Tyler pretend to go out to piss of Shelly. Shelly finds out and Allie and Tyler break up. Shelly and Kieran break up. Tyler asks Allie out for real, Allie doesn't answer. Allie sees Lucas at the movies and joins him and his brother. Tyler is also at the movies and sees them together.

"Oh shit." I muttered. I turned to Lucas, "I'll see you in school okay? Thanks again."

Lucas looked confused but left anyway, Rhys tagging along after him. I slowly approached Tyler and Justin.

"Hey guys..." I said as I reached them.

"What are you doing here?" Justin asked, but when I raised an eyebrow sarcastically, he amended his question, "I mean, I didn't know you were coming to the movies...with Lucas..." He glanced at Tyler who was looking around, anywhere but at me.

"Well, I came here to clear my thoughts," I looked at Tyler pointedly, "And I-"

"Justin, man, the movie's starting in a second, I think we'd better get our food." Tyler cut me off.

Justin looked at him weirdly, "Sure...But we're only gonna miss the previews...Whatever, see ya Allie."

With that, they walked off. Gee that's so sweet. He didn't even check if I had a ride. Or maybe if I wanted to join them. Ignoring, of course, the fact that I just came out from a movie. It's the thought that counts people! But on to more important matters, Tyler. He completely ignored me! Seriously, it's not like he gave me the chance to answer his question. Or explain! Grr. Boys are jerks. Always have been, always will be. I narrowed my eyes and stomped out of the cinemas.

I was not looking forward to school. Tyler was in my homeroom. If he continued ignoring me, everyone was going to start interrogating me. This is all his fault. Why can't he just stop being such a baby?! I begged my mum to let me stay home, I even pretended to faint. But my oh so caring cousin, Jess, decided to choose that moment to walk into the kitchen, successfully kicking me in the stomach in the process. Of course, me having no self-control, had to scream, jump up and start shouting at Jess. Sigh, so that was how I ended up walking through the school doors.

I trudged to my locker, but nearly fainted, for real this time, from shock. Standing by my locker, was Tyler and Rachel, locked in an embrace, joined by the lips. Tyler's eyes opened and connected with mine. A stab of pain went through my heart. I spun on my heel and walked straight into Lucas. Oh. My. God. Someone has something against me! I'm not in the freaking mood! I felt like tearing my hair out in frustration. Just don't ask me what I was frustrated about...

I tried to barge past Lucas but he grabbed me by the shoulders, "Hey, hey, what's wrong?" He peered at my face concernedly.

I shook my head wearily and gestured towards the kissing couple. Understanding lit up in his eyes. He gave me a tight hug and led me to a shady tree, where I proceeded to spill my guts to him. Everything came out. Everything that happened, all my inner feelings, and feelings I didn't even know were there! I had started to cry about halfway through, and Lucas pulled me into a hug and let me cry on him. I didn't know what was making me so emotional. I'm not one of those girly girls who cry at every little thing, nor am I one to spill my guts to someone I'm not extremely close to. Well I guess I wasn't me at that point.

Tyler's eyes locked with Allie's. Her eyes were wide open, mouth hanging in shock. Her face drained from colour as she spun around and crashed into Lucas. Oh shit. That wasn't supposed to happen. Tyler pulled away from Rachel. She turned and saw Allie.

"Oh my god. What have I done? Tyler you never told me she'd react like this. I would never have agreed if I knew. You said you guys were over!" Rachel exclaimed, glaring at Tyler.

"I thought we were." He sunk down and put his head into his hands. "Shit, shit, shit. She's going to hate me even more now." Rachel laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Tyler, we can't do this. You still like Allie, and I can't hurt her like that. I'm sorry this was a mistake. We would never have worked out."

Tyler looked up at her, "I'm sorry Rae."

"Don't worry about it. Go get her. Now." She pulled him up and shoved him in the general direction of Allie.

Tyler's heart nearly broke at Allie's crumpled, sobbing, form being embraced by Lucas. A stab of jealousy shot through him. He stood there, watching them, until someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"You better go fix this Tyler. I know it's about you. Go talk to her, I'll distract Lucas." Justin's voice said quietly from behind him. Tyler mutely nodded. Justin walked off and urgently called Lucas over. Lucas said a few words to Allie, she nodded, he gave her a small smile before pressing his lips to her forehead and walking over to Justin. Tyler felt like hitting him. How dare he kiss her? He shook those thoughts away and approached Allie.


I would recognise that voice anywhere. Tyler. I ignored him and picked at the grass.

Tyler sighed dejectedly and sat down next to me. "Allie, I'm sorry. You don't know how sorry I am. I don't have an excuse for asking Rachel out. I don't know what I was thinking. Please just look at me..."

I felt myself melt slowly at his pleading tone. I glanced at him. He looked sexy as ever, his hair disheveled from him running his hands through it too many times. His bright eyes brighter than usual, staring pleadingly at me. I turned myself so I was looking at him fully.

"Allie, I like you. So much. I have ever since you shouted at me for throwing popcorn at you." He chuckled dryly, "You look so cute when you're annoyed. I thought I'd get over it, but as I got to know you better, I fell for you even more. Then when I finally gained the courage to ask you out, for real, you couldn't even answer me. I really thought you would have liked me just a little bit. Am I really that bad?" He looked imploringly at me. I tried to cut in, but he continued, "Then I see you at the movies with Lucas." He spat his name out, "Do you know how I felt? Seeing the girl you like at the movies with someone else after she'd just rejected you? I was just so angry. I wanted to hurt you, for hurting me. So I called Rachel and asked her out. I don't know why I picked her. She didn't want to go out with me you know. She didn't want to hurt you, so don't be angry with her. But I convinced her that we were over. That you didn't care about me. I'm sorry Allie. I didn't think about how badly it would affect you. Especially after Kieran and Shelly. God, I'm such an idiot!" He ran his fingers through his hair frustratedly.

"Tyler." I said, softly pulling his hand towards me. "I don't like you a little bit." Tyler's face fell even more and he tried to pull his hand away. I held on. I kissed each on his knuckles, "I like you a lot." He jerked his head up and looked at me, startled. He started to protest. I shushed him, "You didn't give me a chance to answer when you asked me out. I just needed to think about it Tyler. We weren't even speaking at the time. I thought you just wanted to spite me or something."

Tyler looked shocked at my confession. I cupped his cheek to get his attention. "Tyler..." He shook himself out of his daze and looked at me. "Will you go out with me?"

The look of pure joy that lighted up his face made this whole journey worth it. He yanked me to him and touched his lips to mine softly. "Do I really have to answer that?" I nodded. He grinned and stood, pulling me up with him. "Yes Allie, I will go out with you." He shouted out. I blushed furiously at the laughs from various people who heard his proclamation.

Tyler looked at me tenderly and scattered butterfly kisses all over my face, deliberately ignoring my mouth. I groaned with impatience. He just smirked at me arrogantly and asked, "Anything wrong, sweetheart?"

I glared at him. Well two can play the game. I shook my head sweetly and gave him butterfly kisses on his lips until he grabbed my head and held it still. "Anything wrong, sweetie pie?" I asked sweetly. He narrowed his eyes at me but lowered his head ever so slowly to mine, and proceeded to kiss me passionately. Finally, I thought, as my heart hammered against my chest and I was raised into a state of euphoria.

When we finally pulled apart, we were both breathless. We grinned at each other, ignoring the wolf whistles.

"No, everything is just perfect." Tyler replied. I smiled. Yes, it was.


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I am so glad I finished that story. I hate this ending, but I really don't like this story anymore and I just want it finished. Anyways, enough of my complaining.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO ALL MY REVIEWERS! You guys rock my world and kept me writing this story. I'm sorry if you didn't like this ending, but maybe one day, hopefully soon, I will go back and redo it.

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