Chapter 2 - Unity?

The young man signed his name wearily on the inn sheet, his eyes drooping down more and more with every curve of the pen. When he'd finally finished signing his name his neck officially gave way as his eyes closed and he fell into a light sleep standing up.

"Shiro Takagawa?" The lady behind the desk asked him as she shook him awake.

"Huh? Y-yeah…that's me.." He answered waking with a start not realizing he'd fallen asleep at all.

"Follow me to your room" The lady told him walking up the stairs.

"Oh my god, stairs" Shiro complained as he lazily lifted his feet up the steps.

"It's just a few more flights sir" The lady tried to help him along putting her arm around his.

"What..the fuck…this better be the most bitchin room I've ever seen.." Shiro said tiredly, it even surprised him that he didn't have energy to curse more powerfully.

"Please sir, it's just down the hall" The lady said looking at him sympathetically through her dark brown eyes.

"…..I am getting sex for all of this right?" Shiro looked at the lady who couldn't have been more than 21 "After all I'm nineteen, you'll get a good time too."

The lady backed away slowly pointing at the door down the hall and handing him the keys before rushing down the stairs her flowing dress having trouble keeping up.

"Bitch get a sense of humor" Shiro said dragging his feet on the soft red carpet his vision becoming blurry and his breath becoming heavy.

After many minutes of struggling and falling on his face a few times he managed to crawl his way into his room barely mustering up the energy to hop onto the bed which sat directly across from the door.

"Yes…it's not the most bitchin…but it works" Shiro whispered to himself before allowing his mass to sink sleepily into the lavender sheets.

A few hours later Shiro awoke slowly to the sounds of clashing weapons and the agonized screams of men, the sun had just risen and the smell of blood was in the air.

"What….the…" Shiro cursed under his breath as he saw a long line of troops outside engaging another army. "All I wanted was a good night's sleep…"

A severed head had somehow found it's way into the air and crashed through the window of the room Shiro stayed in causing him to reactively throw his body heavily onto the polished wood floor. He raised his head slowly and turned to the bloody cranium beside him before letting out a blood curdling scream.

At The Battle Front

"Did you hear something ma'am?" An officer asked his commanding officer.

"Hear something? Over the screams of our dying comrades? Stay focused." Replied the young lady next to him dressed in red battle armor with a gold trim, her gold adorned scabbard housing her deadly double-sided bladed.

"Why are there enemy officers? We were told there would be minimal resistance." The officer asked again looking out at the bloody battle before him.

"So was I…perhaps I should have taken that backup.." The lady said in a low whisper

"Excuse me miss?" The officer asked

"Nothing..We can get an advantage if we proceed quickly to the main square." She said calmly as she unsheathed her sword "Don't worry this battle will be over soon. FORGE AHEAD WARRIORS OF THE LIBERATION ARMY!"

She raised her sword high into the air rallying the troops before joining the fight herself. She moved quickly onto the battlefield already stabbing her sword through an enemy soldier then with very graceful movement removed her sword. She darted throught the crowd of soldier singling out her targets. She turned towards the enemy soldier to her right and slashed down at the ground in front of him. Although she was clearly out of range he lips formed a mischevious stumbled back and his body unexpectedly split in half, blood sprayed fiercely through the air..

"The rumors were true…Lady Valeria is the most powerful general" One of her comrades commented.

"Hmm?" Valeria turned to see a man in the distance fighting off imperial soldiers with nothing but metal gauntlets covering his hands and arms. "Is he one of ours?"

"What's going on!?" A young man with brown hair questioned aloud nearly being blindsided by an imperial.

Valeria rushed to the boys aid slashing at enemies as she ran only to find that he toke the soldier down and was fighting more to boot. She'd never see someone who's fighting style was so malformed, his use of twin blades was mediocre at best, the only thing saving him was his speed. She sped over to the boys side and slashed the soldier behind him across the abdomen, she toke a stance and placed her back to his.

"Who are you? Not a liberation soldier I'm sure….you do realize you're in the middle of an important battle right?" Valeria spoke to him while defending herself from the assault of several soldiers.

"I'm just a guy who was trying to get a good sleep" He replied stabbing a hostile soldier in the shoulder, he was trying his best not to kill. "You said liberation soldier? The rebel army? You wouldn't happen to be fighting for them 'eh?

"Perhaps." Valeria answered goring yet another soldier then turning around in a swift smooth motion and pushing the young man into the hotel lobby while slashing another soldier from the shoulder across the chest, she the rushed into the lobby with him, her armor clicking with every motion.

"Who are you?" She asked the tip of her sword shining with the eerie red glow of blood mere inches from his face.

"Sh-Shiro Taka-Takagawa" He answered shivering a bit, he'd never been in a situation like this.

"Liberation or Imperial?" Valeria asked. Her emotionless, piercing eyes seemed to search his very soul.

"Neither, I only attack imperials though." Shiro answered strongly gripping his twin blades in case he had to fight.


A tall, powerful, dark man continues to attack the imperials relentlessly, his long braids swaying on the wind with each of his fluid, prethought movements.

"Is this it!?" He yelled as he smashed his fist hard into the ground causing the very land beneath the enemy soldiers to break apart and swallow them up. "Where's the challenge?"

He turned around to see a soldier with a spear charging at him, he moved his palm forward. The spear to splintered apart and it's wielder to was sent flying yards away slamming his head into the ground breaking his neck in the process.

"He's-he's unstoppable!" a soldier yelled in fear as he ran away "Fuck this I'm not about to die this way!"

"..."He said nothing as he jumped above the soldier, landing powerfully onto his back, breaking his spine.

Several soldiers tried to rush him from different directions so that he couldn't respond.

"Hmmm, reasonable strategy." He stood up on the soldiers back and began to twirl releasing his energy outward into a spherical shield which pushed the soldiers away with a powerful blow, his robes flapping quickly with each full spin, the braids upon his head moved so quickly it seemed that he had on a dark hat. A few of the soldiers flew into the hotel doors revealing two people in the lobby.

"Whoa" said the woman standing up looking at the man before her.

"How did he.." The young man whispered to himself.

The muscular, dark man saw the woman immediately recognizing her. He jumped over to her quickly his clothes moving smoothly on the air currents, hair landing softly on his shoulders, and feet landing lightly on the ground.

"Lady Valeria of the Liberation army?" The man asked his back to her as he extended his palms foward sending several enemy officers flying back.

"Who wants to know?" Valeria replied sharply.

"Carrillo Luizano reporting for duty" He said his back still to them. He held his stance as a few soldiers began to move in and circle him "I've been trying to catch up with the liberation army for quite some time I'm glad to have finally caught up to you. You see-"

"No time for introductions we're not doing too well. If you're as powerful as I think you are you and I together should be able to turn things around. Move out!" She said speeding forward back into battle, her armor already clicking with each swing of her blade.

"Yes sir!" Her said following after her providing back up, leaving the young man behind.

"You ass munches just gonna leave me here?" He said rising up quickly and jumping into battle.

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