Goodbyes Aren't Final

Hush now my friend

there's no time for tears.

Just close your eyes

think back on all the years

of memories we've made,

of the good times and the bad.

Remember the smiles and the heartbreak

the trouble, the laughter, the fun we had.

I'm gone now hun, but dont you cry

because I'll still be looking out for you.

Love doesn't stop when you die.

Hush now my love,

there's no time for tears.

Please think of me fondly

when your sky clears.

Don't think of our arguments,

they don't mean a think now.

Remember long nights spent together,

the beautiful day we took our vows.

I'm gone now darling, you'll find love again.

I know how you loved me, but you're still alive!

Be happy, remember death isn't the end.

Hush now my child,

there's no time for tears

Know that your mommy still loves you

so you can sleep well and forget all your fears.

Be a good girl for daddy, the best that you can.

From toddler to teen, you're growing up so fast,

but sweetie, remember, you'll always be his baby girl

even once you're married and he's given you away at last.

I had to go baby, but whenever you need me I'll be by your side.

When you smile, the sun will shine. When you're sad, angels will cry.

Live and love my child, its going to be an amazing ride.