"I love you." His voice murmured in my ear. I looked up at him, my eyes silently pleading with him I knew he would put it all out of him mind. He wouldn't look me in the eyes if that was what it took for him to leave.

"I'll only be in more danger if you leave." I was going to say what I had to if it convinced him to stay with me. I would say anything. My eyes pooled with tears and one silently betrayed me as it slid down my cheek. "You can't leave." My voice was just over a hoarse whisper. "You can't leave me."

He move quickly moved to crush his lips against mine. I leaned up out of the bed to follow his lips. Just to obey me for that one short moment, he leaned back down toward the hospital bed to prevent any more pain for me. He broke the kiss, his lips lingering near mine.

"But I already have." I saw a silent tear slide down his cheek, a pained look in his eyes as the taste of my tears lingered in his mouth. I watched as he walked out of my hospital room, the tears coming down harder as I was stuck lying in my bed.

Then my eyes opened as I sat up suddenly, looking around my empty room. My eyes were dry, so it was my assumption that I had fallen asleep. My eyes lingered around the room, my aunt walking in with a cup of coffee, her eyes looking sad and tired. When her eyes lifted to me, she smiled.

"How long ago did Patrick leave?" My words were rushed as I looked over at my aunt. Her lips set into a frown as she shook her head. Granted my aunt was never very fond of Patrick Cross, but she accepted him because I loved him, but something about the way she was shaking her head made me think that he did something horrible.

"He never came to see you sweetie."

"Of course he did, I walked to him, he told me he was leaving."

"Sweetheart, this is the first time you have woken up in three days." She watched as it sunk in. My brow was furrowed trying to figure out what had happened. When did Patrick tell me he was leaving? Maybe he didn't leave, maybe he was just trying to feel better himself. After all, he couldn't come to a hospital considering what he is. Or was he seriously hurt, or worse dead?

"But he's okay."

"He's fine, but your not. You need to rest."

"What happened?"

"You don't remember? There was a car accident, he was driving, you and Lauren are lucky you made it out alive. Patrick and his friend Ian walked away untouched. In fact, they were so okay, they walked themselves right out of town."

Confusion and worry was written all over my face. I was left only to wonder what became of the man that I loved.


Ian looked over at Patrick as they got into the car. Tom was seated in the back seat, his face set in stone. Ian's brow was furrowed as he looked at Patrick. Sometimes he just didn't understand his best friend. Sometimes the things that he did left him utterly confused.

"You don't even want to see if she's okay?" Patrick licked his lips as Ian questioned him. He turned his head to look out the window.

"She's fine, and she knows we're leaving, now I don't want her to think I'm a liar, so lets go."

Ian put his hands in the air defensively, not saying anything as he started to drive, passing the worn down sign that read; "Now leaving Sunnyside, California! Come back soon!" None of the three boys looked twice at the sign as they drove out of this small town that had started all of their problems.


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