I blame my woman's history class. Feminism is not the same thing as femiNazi!

They wrote our history-
Men in powdered wigs
With Biblical biases.
Using fluttering words
They chained us:
Of man, subservient


We take a step forward
And you beat us
Two steps back.
And still, like ghosts,
We move onward.

We've given when needed
Willow branches bending
To your hot air.
But you and your
Manly oak limbs
Refuse to change.
And so, you break
(don't blame us).

There's plenty of room
On that pedestal of yours.
Let's not play king of the Mountain
I'd rather be Queen.
If anything I'd settle
For fellow human.

It's amazing what men will do
When they feel threatened:
You pampered our "elite"
Made them statues
And cooed as they
Baked your bread.
And yet you shun the same meal
Of a 9 to 5 gal.
(So it's a little dry?
She was too busy

Our saving grace
Has been demonized
Our rallying cry
Turned into a curse
And so,
Chained down by "pretty things"
We fester.

If Hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned
Planet Earth
Is in trouble.
We ask for equality
Nothing more
But anything less
Is wrong.
Would you accept leftovers
When there's a feast
In your reach?
There's room for all
Let us in.

But, (says Nora,)
"Before everything else,
I'm a human being."