"You need to stop surrounding yourself with miserable people. They're making YOU miserable."

Oh, how often does one hear that? And while it's true that Misery loves and finds company in itself, how certain is it that it is sought out on purpose? Happy people do not want to associate with the Miserable people. The Happy get mad at the Miserable for bringing them down. They think the Miserable overreact and never have the right to feel bad about anything. Ever. Why would the Miserable attack themselves to people they can't relate to? They find other Miserables. They are able to be themselves with other Miserables. They can say what is on their minds and express their feelings without having to worry about being judged by the Happy.

They can't bring themselves out of it. Misery can't cure itself. But sometimes a place where you feel safe is more important than Happiness.