Author's Note: My first story from this point of view, I hope you like it. Reviews are always nice

Chapter One ::: When They Meet

On a bright, sunny day, I sit in the park on a bench. Kids are running around me, birds are singing their songs, couples are enjoying a walk in the warm sunlight. Life seems so perfect, though mine is far from that.

Frustrated, I let out a grunt and get into a more relaxed position, which results in me lying on my back on the bench. I've been sitting here for close to two hours. I had been perfectly on time, on the right spot, the bench we agreed to meet at. I even came fifteen minutes early so I knew I would be on time. And here I still am, an hour and a half past our meeting time.

But it's not like I didn't expect this. I'm not even that surprised about it, I mean, who would want to go on a date with me anyway? She obviously didn't, but then again, she is the most popular girl in the whole school, known to ditch guys when she feels like it. Why would it be any different with me?

I suppose you're quite puzzled as to who I am. My name is Marc Jameson, better known as James. I'm 19 years old and I'm a senior at Wettleton High. This is supposed to be the best year of school, filled with parties, alcohol and girls. So when Vanessa Ricett asked me out, of course I agreed. Now in my eyes, she isn't exactly the most beautiful girl in the world, though very hot, but at this point in time I just didn't care. I needed a boast of confidence, though right now, you can imagine, my confidence has sunk to the point where it's non-existent. So-

"I'm sorry, but could you maybe move over a bit so I can sit down?" I prop myself up with my arms and face the person who interrupted my train of thoughts. Locking with their eyes, I hold my breath for a split second. The velvet voice matched perfectly with the face that was in front of me. A slight smile is displayed on her face, along with a slight blush.

"My feet are killing me…" She trails off, putting me out of my trance.

I quickly throw my legs off the bench and shift into a sitting position.

"Sorry about that. I was just thinking…lost in my own world, ya know?" I turn to her to find her nodding, a smile still set on her face.

"It's ok, really. It's just that all the benches were taken and the grass didn't look too comfortable. I didn't want to disturb you or anything."

"You didn't, I was thinking crap anyway…" I trail off, scratching the back my head.

Her laughter reaches my ears, making me realize that what I said must have sounded really weird. I laugh along and lean back, getting more comfortable.

"I'm Evelyn, by the way, though my friends call me Lyn."

"Marc, my friends call me James." I hold out my hand and she takes it, shaking it pretty enthusiastically.

"Why James? It doesn't sound anything like Marc."

"My last name is Jameson, so yeah.." I trail off, grinning.

"Oh ok, that makes sense." She says, giggling slightly. "So, em…If you don't mind me asking, what were you thinking about before I disturbed you? You seemed quite frustrated by the look on your face."

I raise my eyebrows and scratch my itching nose, thinking of what to tell her. I guess the truth would be best, how humiliating it might be…

"I was thinking about the date I was supposed to be having right about now." I say with a surprisingly steady and relaxed voice, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Supposed to be having? You mean she ditched you?" She asks with a rather surprised tone.

"Yeah…" She must think I'm a loser now, no doubt about it.

"Why? I mean, you seem like a pretty nice guy to me." I turn to her and smile, getting an apologetic smile from her in return.

"Thanks. Well I don't really know…" I trail off, telling her the truth. "But it didn't surprise me," I go on ", she is known to ditch guys."

Her eyebrows raise and she gives me a rather confused look.

"Then why did you ask her out, if you knew she would probably ditch you?"

"Well actually, I didn't ask her out. It was the other way around." I say, gaining more confidence. This girl wants to talk to me, she's gorgeous, and even though we're talking about something that is kind of humiliating for me, I'm loving every moment of it.

"Oh." She says, obviously out of things to say.

"I don't know why I agreed." I lie, but only a little bit. Though that little lie makes me want to hit myself in the head with some hard object. "I guess I was kind of desperate…" I trail off.

"You? Desperate? Why? You don't seem like a guy who would have trouble with getting a girl." I raise my eyebrows and look at her again, making her blush. God, it makes her even more perfect. She looks away and continues. "Well, I mean, you have quite the looks and you're nice and…well…I don't know."

I chuckle and turn my face from her to the fountain standing few feet from us.

"Believe it or not, I don't get a lot of attention from the girls in my school."

"Well you would if you were in my school." She laughs airily, making me turn to her and smile.

"Even you?" She turns to face me and raises her brows.

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Are you avoiding my question?"

Walking onto the school grounds, I think about Lyn and our conversation yesterday. The way her hair flowed in the wind, they way her lips curled into a delightful smile whenever the moment was right for it. I look around the courtyard and see couples kissing, something I would never notice before. The day suddenly seems so much brighter and full of color.

I whistle the tune of 'Mr Bojangles' and skip through the courtyard at a relaxed pace. But before I know it, my feet get stuck behind an object and my face meets with the not so soft ground. Looking up, I see one of the jocks smirking at me, obviously delighted that he made me trip. Stupid jackass, I think to myself and look away.

I stand up, brush myself off and with my newly restored confidence, I punch him square in the nose.

"Fck! You broke my frigging nose, man!" He yells after jumping up and grasping his nose.

"Really? Oh what a shame!" I smile apologetically and walk away, a smirk growing on my face. Yeah, the day really is brighter.

Making my way to my first class of the day, English, I look at the piece of paper I'm holding in my hand. On it, a series of numbers is written. Lyn's phone number. Suddenly a warm feeling spreads through my body, making me feel like nothing could make this day go bad.

"Had fun waiting on our date yesterday?" Nope, not even that.

"Yeah I had a great time, Vanessa. Oh and sorry I stood you up, I just wasn't feeling like going on a date with an airheaded btch." I say in a quite sincere tone. Shock spreads on her face, telling me that my plan worked.

A bell rings, indicating that we should get into our classrooms. I smile and wave to Vanessa before walking into my classroom. A frustrated squeal comes from behind me and I grin from ear to ear, proud of myself that I told her off like that. Then my mind goes to something else, or rather someone.

If Lyn could have been here….