Author: Manasa-dong
Title: Apple Seeds
Rated: R for sexual content, some homosexuality, violence, language
Disclaimer: All the characters, settings, and events belong to me. All of them. No stealing or I'll find you and beat you in with your own grandmother.


This isn't some romance flick (sorry, I never like to do any of those). This is about two men, at least one of them being incredibly insane, trying to live in a world out to kill them. It's about power struggle, treachery, mystery, and least of all sappy love stuff. Yes, yes, there is some homo. So if you don't like, go away, but honestly, that isn't the focus here. There are sex scenes, there are killing scenes. I think I'll put in everything. None of this reflects my own opinions or beliefs. It's just a story. Sometimes you'll have to read between the lines, but I'm guessing you're all educated and can formulate your own opinions. But, most importantly, just read it to have fun. And review! Reviewing is always splendid!