Cry in the night

Even when you were there

out of sight, i cryed in the night

for being untrue

Stinging tears for degradin myself

Even though i disliked what i did

i did it anyway, to try and feel

Just so you know, you're wrong

when i was with you

i loved you pure and ture

When i felt betrayed

i hated with a sting

Now i realise none of it means anything

I lied to myself, tryed to be normal

i realise now nothing is ment to be

it's all unstayble, shaky on thin ice

You'll know how much i cared, how much i worred

But i never knew what to say

or how to make it right

becuase i don't understand this life

nothing makes any sense, never has

it wasn't that i was never true

just never open to you or anyone

I've been betrayed and betrayed agian

so that's why i dont trust

don't say what i mean.

For this i'm sorry

becuase i know i betrayed you.

Something i said i'd never do.

And for that reson i cry long in to the night.

A/N: This is for Dusty. The last four lines i added tonight. I don't know what i was feeling when i wrote this one.