As I pushed the door open, the small bell up above jingled, making my presence known. I looked ahead and met the eyes of the boy at the counter with my own. I saw him freeze. Just…freeze.

Oh. I was going to enjoy this. I was going to enjoy this a lot.

I approached him with a genuine, naïve smile, as a young person may meet a stranger.

Why do you look so frazzled? I don't even know you.

"Can I…uh…can I…help you…?"

Didn't expect to see me again so soon, did you? After all, I love three hours away, and we don't really know each other anymore, do we?

"Yeah!" I smiled again. Brightly. "I've actually never been in here before, though, so…"

Prepare to feel AWKWARD!

"What do you think is good?"

The boy at the counter looked to his left so quickly I doubt that anyone else would have noticed. But I did, and I recognized it for what it was: a silent cry of "Oh god, someone help me!" Little did he know, there were plenty of others waiting for me outside, probably finding this as funny as I was.

"Well…" He tried to compose himself. "The, uh…the banana smoothie is…really popular."

"Really? Sounds good. I'll have one of those. Oh, and can you put some whipped cream on the top, too? I just love it so much, I put it on everything. And some blueberries? That would be awesome, thanks!"

I watched with glee as he prepared the blender. It just felt too good. This was the kind of situation that would occur in a movie, but never real life.

Yeah, that's right, serve me. SERVE me, BITCH!


He jumped, almost sending a can of whipped cream clattering to the ground.

"I think I just changed my mind. I'm not really in the mood for banana. I think I'd rather have strawberry. Yeah, strawberry. But keep the extra blueberries and whipped cream coming."

Oh, he did not look happy. He did not look happy at all. But I was not going to let him off so easily. Not this time. And still, compared to what I'd endured because of him, this was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

A very, very humiliating slap on the wrist.

When he gave me the smoothie, I paid him with a smile. The way he refused to touch my hand as I have him the money stung; I'll give him that much credit. But like the prick of a needle, it only hurt for a second. And then it was amusing. Just amusing.

As he slid my change across the counter, I looked closely at his name tag.

"Jack, hmm? Weird…I used to know someone with that name."

I pocketed my change, turned, dropped the smoothie into a nearby trash can, and walked out the door.