"What's that for?" Katie Windsor asks, her innocent four year old face peers up at the man.

The man looks at her briefly, a strange look on his face.

"This?" He says, pointing at the huge brown bench. Katie nods her two brown braids bouncing up and down.

"It's for cutting things up," He says, smiling pointedly at her.

Katie bites her bottom lip feeling uncomfortable as the man eyes her.

"Katie? How about we play a game?" The man asks, looking straight at her.

Her large blue eyes brighten up and she jumps up and down. "YES! YES! A GAME!"

She says excitedly.

The man smiles, but somehow his face still looks cold.

"Okay, let's play doctors, I'll be the doctor and you'll be the patient."

The four year old grins, and nods her head furiously.

He stares at her a smile spreading across his face, but this one doesn't quite make him look like he's smiling either. He scoops her up and lays her down on the table.

"Stay there, okay? We'll start the operation soon," He smiles again.

Then bending down he rummages around in a draw looking for something. Finally he stands up. In his hand is a large razor blade knife.

"Are you ready?" The man asks softly.

Katie's eyes widen in horror, "No……don't…."She whispers, backing away slowly. Looking around she realizes there's no way off.

She faces the huge man again, she's shaking, and suddenly he grabs her tiny wrist in his huge beefy hand.

"Come on. Ka – Tie,"Drawling out the syllables in her name, she doesn't like the way he says it. He licks his lips slowly.

"Please, don't…." Katie whimpers. Than he plunges the knife into her belly.

Her screams fill the air as he drags it slowly down, blood seeps out, her skin opening like two flaps.

"STOOOOP!" Her Shrill voice screams, he takes the knife out, the blood slowly drips onto his hand. Katie squeezes her eyes tight then opens them again just as the knife plunges in again. Then she blacks out.

The man smiles satisfied, blood spurts out covering her tiny body. He licks some off the blood of the knife. Savoring the tangy taste of her blood. Scooping the dying child into his arms, he carries her out of that dark basement room and leaves her on the kitchen bench. Then using her blood, he writes on the space beside her,


Then he leaves after glancing one last look at the dying four year old Katie Windsor.

- 7 years later -

"Oh Katie honey! Come downstairs for a moment!" Allaine, Katie's mum calls.

Katie glances at the door, sighing she hops of her chair snapping her book shut. A pen rolls then falls off the table.

Bending down Katie grabs it then tosses it onto her bed and walks out. Wearing an oversized jumper that her mum said used to be her dads and a pair of dark blue sport shorts, Katie walks down the stairs.

"Yeah, what mum?" Katie asks poking her head around the kitchen door. She sees her mum talking to a man.

Suddenly her whole body freezes up, her mind shuts off and her mouth goes so dry she can barely swallow. "Mum-" Katie manages to croak out.

Allaine catches sight of her daughters pale face, her own face creases into concern, "Katie? Oh baby I'm so sorry." She walks over to Katie, pulling her into a hug, her perfume smothering Katie's sense of smell.

Katie stares intently at the man - Brian. Her eyes turn to a vacant look as her mind goes into overdrive.

Inside her head, she is four again, back in the basement with the man. The flashback is so real, Katie remembers everything.

The pain of the knife plunging in and out, she remembers it all so vividly her body fails to hold her and she blacks out.

"KATIE!" She hears her mother scream,

"Oh My Gawd!" A low voice yells out.

But these sounds they all fade out, and all Katie can hear is her own heartbeat and the sounds of that day seven years ago...