I can't wait to fall in love with you
You can't wait to fall in love with me
This just can't be summer love, you'll see
This just can't be summer love (L-O-V-E

I'm bringing sexy back! Yeeeeah I groaned, my phone was vibrating it's heart out, I reached over to my bedside table and flipped open my cell to switch the alarm off.

Sitting up, I yawned - 7:15am. Man! Way too early! I sigh and reluctantly stretch and get out of bed.

Oh Crap! Eww! I always drool! when I sleep it's so annoying, I half heartedly fold my blankets and cover up the drool spot. muhahahaha.

Walking slowly to my bathroom I slip on my cute bunny bathroom slippers Kawaii! Hehe...I actually got these slippers at some thrift stall, they were too cute to resist.

I slip off my jumper and shorts and turn the shower on, mmm, the steam of the hot water fill the bathroom, testing the water I get in.

Half an hour later, refreshed, clean and happy. I get out and put on my short japanese robe, it's really cute as well, haha most of my clothes are very cute xD. I love this robe, because me and my mum went to Japan last year and well maxed out our credit cards.

Not kidding, not bragging, but when you see my wardrobe you fall in love! It's a walk - in wardrobe, that has feet sensors in the middle of the room. So when I put my two feet on those sensors my wardrobe opens up and I can get my clothes, the sensors only work for my feet though. haha.

I purse my lips, and think, what to wear? I grab my skinny jeans and a tight fitting black T-shirt with SEXY plastered on the front. Oh well.

I check the time, OMG...8 already?!

I rush out of my room, slide down the banister on the stairs and arrive downstairs in the breath-taking speed of 10 seconds.

"Record time, Miss. Kasson," Rhett my butler calls out, giving me a wolf whistle, I stick my tongue out at him and grin.

"Hell yeah! 10 Seconds man!"

I give him a dainty wave and rush off into the kitchen, "Morning Mum, Morning Brian, Morning Daytona!"

Daytona Adams, was our kitchen maid and she was the sweetest thing on this planet! She's round and chubby and has that mumish thing about her that just attracts you to her.

"Morning!" the three of them chorus back at me. I smile.

Digging into my breakfast, which basically consists of, a piece of bread, jam and a cup of grapes plus my chocolate soy milk.

Finishing the food in one go, i carefully wipe my mouth, waving at them, rush back upstairs to my bathroom and brush my heart out.

Grabbing my car keys, I race back out, grabbing my bag on my way and jump into my porshe.

"BYE MUM! BYE DAD!" I yell out, then reverse out of my driveway and onto the road.


Not bad, I suppose, carefully I navigate my car into Richard Ave and stop at number 14 and honk my car.

"Coooooooooooooooooooooomii - OUCH!" Sandy just tripped over!

I blinked several times, trying to hold my laugh, "HURRY UP YOU BLONDE KLUTZ!"

She mock glares at me and stiffly gets into the car, "I'm sorry then...Woooot our second day at school!"

"Yeah...Reckon we fit in pretty smoothly?"

Sandy shrugs, "Well that Mick guy is real cute and shit, and..."

"OH MY GOSH!" I squeal excitedly, narrowing missing another car on the street. Earning me a few angry honks, I just grin and wave back.

"SO WHAT HAPPENED!" I basically attacked Sandy.

Her eyes are widened in horror, "Err...Katie? Maybe I should tell you later, I don't wanna die!"

I rolled my eyes, "Fine, I'll chill! But you still HAVE to tell me what happens NOW!"

"Gawd, when did you become such a control bitch!" Poking her tongue at me, "Okay Mick rang me last night, and well we talked a little while, then he said - Look Sandy, pretty girls like you don't last long single around here, so I wanna snap you up now,"

I look at her impatiently, she gently pushes my face back to looking on the road, I frown, "JUST GET ON WITH IT!"

"OKAY!" She smirks, "So I go, snap me up? That is way cheesy! I dig romance...you got any other lines?"

"Then he goes, sure baaaaaabe, you know girls like you don't come along everyday and I think I've fallen inlove with you, will you be my girlfriend?"

I widen my eyes, CUTE!

Sandy takes a breath, then keeps going, "So I say, still cheesy, but you know what? Since you're so cute you can get away with it, and yes I'll be your girlfriend."

Momentarily, forgetting I was driving I lunge over to sandy and hug her. "I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BABE!"



We were getting a lot of angry honks and stares this morning, I pout at the next angry driver that pulls up next to us.

He rolls down his window, I roll down mine. ...

"Mick and Josh...Hey?"

"..." no response.

You know, they look pretty pissed...I smile nervously...

"Okay. YOU! GET OUT!" Mick hisses, I stare at him innocently,

"Oh okay." Hopping out, Mick comes over and gets into the drivers in MY car, then Josh gets out and guides me into the passenger side of his car.

Fine then...

"Hey" he gives me a really cute smile, I smile back.

"Err you're not mad are you?"

"Well...I NEARLY crashed into you guys when YOU suddenly stopped, but apart from that no?" He grins.

"Oooooooh haha sorry, was a bit excited," I blush.

"It's okay, if you were any other bloody driver driving like that, Mick and Me might have given you a beating," He smiles again.

"Awwww, think I'll keep off the road then,"

"What about Mick drives Sandy from now on, and I drive you?" He cocks his head to the side looking at me briefly before looking back on the road.

"Hmmm, I guess that would be safer?" Cocking my head to a side and looking back at him.

"Kay, that's settle then." He reaches over and gives my hand a squeeze, "You do look super sexy today,"

I blush, and smile sweetly at him, "..."

We pull up at the school, before I can open my door, Josh rushed over to my side and opened it for me.

"Thanks," I said blushing again, he shrugs and cautiously takes my hand. I tense, then shake him off.

He gives me a small smile, "Come on then..." We walk side by side into the school halls where we see Mick and Sandy.

"HEY BABE!" Sandy squeals at me and hugs me like we haven't seen for a long time. ."

"Uh hey..." I reply. Then turning to Mick, "Hey, car keys?"

He grins and saunters over dropping the keys neatly into my outstretched hand. "Nice ride you got there,"

I grin, "Yeah Specially customized for moi!" Poking my tongue out at him. "But Guess if you're gonna be driving Sandy you can take it anytime."

He smiles at me, "It's alright. I got my own car, But i might take you up on that one day."

The four of us, hook arms and walk casually down the hallways to another day of boredom.