Writer's Plea

They say "it's this!"

And pin it down

Confine it to a box

And so continue

To march on through

And make everything fit in place

Like Sherman marching to the Sea

They destroy everything in the way

And in so

They turn symbolism into the real

And on a platter

They serve it to you

For you to pick up

Hold, digest

But that is not what I ask of you

I wish for you to do much more

I ask you,

Beseech you,

Not to destroy it

But to embrace it

Watch it
Feel its presence

But leave it intangible

Leave it alive

Let it be

Listen to this

My writer's plea

And think of what the writer wants...

Why the story was written...

It wasn't to have it pinned down and dissected...

I just want it to be free