Staring at the same photograph
And over
And over again
And still,
I can't help but smile
As I remember the exact words
At that exact moment
Going through my mind,
"He's perfect, this is perfect,
This is what I want."
It still is.
Yet somehow I let you slip away,
And even though you've come back
It's not quite the same.
I can stare at the photograph
Your face and my own
Your arm as it holds me,
And over
And over
And over again,
But that smile I can't help,
Always turns to tears.
And just as I fold up the photograph,
Hide it in my back pocket – where it always is
I pass you in the halls
I smile
Remembering what we were
You smile back and touch my hand
Then move on with your life
Leaving me to wish that maybe one day
You'll kiss me as passionately
As you did back then.