Chapter 2:

Sorry they are so short they will get longer eventually

Ronnie's POV

I snickered under my breath lightly as I heard Roxanne's mother yell up the stairs for her, then winced as loud clanging crashes responded. A startlingly lovely girl came running down the stairs only to skid to a stop at the sight of me standing beside her mother, confusion clear in her eyes, as was hostility. She threw a disdainful glance at her mother casually throwing out,

"Yeah? What do you want?"before returning her baleful gaze to me. I proceeded to ignore the two of them and studied their house. It was a three bedroom blue-gray suburban home, pitiful. So I turned my attention towards Roxanne. She had a figure to die for, curves in the right places, but an almost breakable looking slenderness. She was about 5'5", a good 4 inches taller than her mother, Vicki. Her rich mahogany hair fell in gorgeous ringlets to midway down her back. Kohl rimmed blue-green-gold starburst eyes which were currently flashing glares between her mother and myself. Her mother was about to introduce me when I interrupted , grabbing Roxanne's hand I said,

"Ronnie. I'm Ronnie." Then bringing her hand to my lips and kissing it lightly, I continued "It's a pleasure to meet you Roxanne."

Sensing an imminent comeback I again, tuned their conversation out to resume my studying of Roxanne. She had an intelligent, and somehow sweet look about her - despite her obvious attitude problems around her mom. She was clad in a perfectly fitting and flattering pair of deep-blue jeans, with a red and black sweater and black converses. Picking the conversation back up, I broke in once more.

"Roxanne, sweetheart, your mother thought we should break it to you gently, after you had gotten to know me, but I disagree. You should know whats going on from the start. And the truth is we're engaged. Have been since we were born."

Now this was not remotely true, and I saw Vicki look towards me in confusion, as we had just arranged my marriage to her daughter this morning. But Roxanne didn't need to know that, so I continued on without pausing,

"I just found out myself yesterday, and thought we should get to know each other. Hence your spending summer break with my family."

Expecting her to throw a fit, I was surprised when she burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Even more so when she finally managed to choke out

"Uhh. No we're not. There is no way in HELL I'd marry you."

A mortal. A mere mortal, turning ME down? Who ever heard of a mere girl turning down an angel? Even a fallen angel?

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