Rejoice! In reply, a humble raconteur renagade, cast representing both rapine and rapscallion by the remedy of fate. This resemblance, no mere rouge of revelry, is a remnant of the republic, now recumbent, removed. However, this resplendent reconnaissance of a bygone refractory stands refulgent, and has resolved to relegate these reprobate and rancorous regime regulating rampage and ratifing the rectrent reprobate and ransacking of rectitude. The only ratiocination is revenge; a rencontre held as a recognizance, not rara avis, for the repute and recitutde of such shall one day raison d'etre the recalcitrant and the righteous. In reality, this recipe of repetitous rambles most rodomontade, so let me simply add that it's my remarkably good honor to meet you and you may call me R.