Not even holding on…

So many questions running in my head

In my eyes the tears I don't want to shed

My hands tremble with the fear

Of the decision that must be near

I think about it night and day

I no longer know what more to say

I fear it coming and know it will

And I just wait, very still

'Cause really nothing else matters now

It doesn't even matter how

Will I regret it some day?

Or will it turn out the right way?

I try to focus on what's around me

But quiet is all I can be

I feel dizzy and weak

And notice I can no longer speak

Someone says I'm looking pale

I try to talk but all my words fail

All around me all turns black

While I just wish I could go back…

I feel something banging in my head

And I wonder if I'm just dead

Finally I'm up on my two feet

I hug a friend and star to weep

I though I could be strong…

I guess I was just wrong…