Hello. My overactive imagination tends to come up with really stupid convorsations that I can't ever put into my storie " so I shall torture with them here! BWAHAHA

ok, this one actually happened, kinda. It's really just a combo of many stupid convos that go well together.

I shall give my peeps aliases now.

I will be -RW

My best friend will be - Ylime

Another girl shall be - Artsy

Another girl will be - Stickie

Another girl will be - Blondie

A guy will be -Richie

RWeating a muffin "Muffins are good"

Ylime"Yes, they are"

Rw"Where are Richie and Blondie?"

Ylime"No idea"

Blondieapperes out of like, nowhere "can I have a peice of your muffin"

Rw "No! It's my lunch!"

Blondie"Why did you only get a muffin?"

Rw"Because you took my mony!"

Blondie"...oh, yeah...XD"

Richie(apperes out of no where as well) "Can I have a peice of your muffin?"

RW (Glares)

Artsy"Hey, whats up?"

Rw "Evil stealing muffin ninjas have taken over blondie and Richie" as

Blondie and richie score some muffin

Artsy "OOO, Can I have a peice?"

Rw"I give up" (hands over muffin)

Stickie (Appeares out of nowherw as WELL!) "Ooooo, pants"


Stickie"Can I have some muffin?"

thats all