Ok guys, I just CAN'T get over this science sheet I got from my teacher for exam review! I swear to the god/gods/goddesses (whatever you may believe in) the I have not made ANY of this up!

I'm gonna add all the boring stuff to so that you can see the transition. This page really deserves a spot here.

Everything from here on is EXACTLY what is written on the page.

Ohm's Law Problems

1. If a light bulb has a resistence of 100 ohms and is connected to a potential difference of 80 volts, what current is needed to light the bulb?

2. What is the resistance of a hair dryer that is plugged into a 110 volt socket and requires 12 amps to run?

3. A 20 ohm resistor is placed across the terminals of a 9 volt battery. What current is running through the circuit?

4. What current is found in a 110 ohm light bulb that is connected to a 110 volts?

5. What voltage is required to run a flashlight that has a resistance of 8 ohms and requires a current of 10 amps

6. What is the resistance of the overhead projector that is plugged into a 110 volt plug and has a current of 8 amps?

7. Count Rugen has acquired a the new Vacuum Serf Blender 2005. It normally operates at 140 volts with a current of 2 amps. What is the normal resistance of the Vacuum Serf Blender 2005?

8. Count Rugen tends to be a man of extremes and likes to push his Vacuum Serf Blender to the peak of its performance. He discovers that the resistance increases beyond normal by 12 with the addition of each serf beyond 10. He decides to continue anyway and jams 5 extra serfs into the Vacuum Serf Blender 2005. What is the new resistance in the Vacuum Serf Blender 2005 and the resulting current flowing through it?

9. The count is not satisfied with the performance of his Vacuum Ser Blender 2005. He wishes to keep the current at 2 amps when he feed 15 serf into the vacuum Serf Blender 2005. How much Power will he have to supply to keep the blender performing at 2 amps?

10. Prince Humperdink connects 12 hamsters in running wheels in series to his slice and slice-omatic extreme. Each hamster is able to produce 0.85 volts. The prince then fills the slice and dice-omatic extreme with a band of 15 rogue rabid lightning battered cows. Each rogue rabid lightning battered cow has a resistance of 12.35 ohms. What is the current flowing through the 15 rogue rabid lightning battered cows. How many rogue rabid lightning battered cows will be needed to have a current of 5 amps? How many volts will be needed to maintain a current of 9 amps through 7 rogue rabid lightning battered cows?

The Silly Question

11. Current is shared equally between each load, which also acts as a resistor (ex., rogue rabid lightning battered cows). If it takes 1.23 amps of electricity to extinguish one rogue rabid lightning battered cow, how many volts will be needed to extinguish a herd of 27 rogue rabid lightning battered cows and how many hamsters will prince Humperdink have to connect in order to ensure rogue rabid lightning battered cow extinguishment?