Lennet Johnson stared decidedly at the blinking courser. The blinking courser, carefully caressing that one spot of the stark white screen. She had gotten to the point where even her thoughts became purple prose. She had the story plotted perfectly in her mind. It had been ingrained, and entertained her through a dull school day on more than one occasion in the last two weeks.

However, now that she had sat down with her Alienware ALX laptop and opened up her word document, the only muse that spoke to her was the once who figured that fancy adjectives every other word was the best way to go.

Or, possibly, her muse was just amazingly bored.

Either way, the 'caressing' courser wasn't moving anywhere. Lennet was pretty sure that the poor millimeter would be rubbed raw by now. How beautifully tragic. A raw, bloody Word document. Loved so much that it was at the point of death. She should write a book.

Oh wait. She already was.

"Oh, screw it," Lennet whispered under her breath, "I'm gonna get some food."

Sometimes she found it odd that she talked to herself. But then she realized that she was never going to stop- and it was rather comforting, anyway. When she got lonely, it was always nice to hear a voice- even her own.

She returned to her Word document, - that bloody courser still mocking her- armed with her extra long, 2 milk string cheese, and a bottle of Coca-Cola. Thinking food.

Twenty minutes, a ripped up string cheese wrapper, two Internet browsers, one gnawed on soda cap, and a blank document later, Lennet carefully picked up her laptop and hit the keyboard part on her forehead.

She had hoped that it would give her inspiration. Instead it just gave her a string of letters (gwoigewgaweinu whehuewauhiewa) and a bit of a headache.

"This is crap! Ugh! Mother-" Lennet held back the oath, and closed her computer- carefully not slamming it.

She turned on her Motorola silver L7 Diamond cell phone- yes, she memorized the name, she was very proud of her second baby (the Alienware being the first). She was also very careful with this, as she knew that her dad would be pissed if she broke a $75,000 phone.

The phone rang once.

"Oh come on mother. Pick up th-"

"Hey Len. What's up?" The soft tones of her mother drowned the anger of her daughter a bit.

"Hey mom. I'm going out for a bit."

"Where to, hun?"

"Uh, just to The Square, I guess."

"Okay. Just be back for dinner."

"Yeah, su-" Then there were three quick beeps, interrupting Lennet's speech.

"We're sorry. The number you have dialed is out of service. Please check the number and try again."

Lennet raised an eyebrow, staring confusedly at the screen of her phone. And then she shrugged, writing it off as…as something.

She didn't really care enough to figure out what. Instead she stuffed her phone in her pocket, got a twenty out of the teapot that sat on the fridge, and quickly walked through the French doors, leading her out of the (much too large) house. Well, mansion.

Either way, it was way too large. Not that she minded being rich and getting nice stuff and all that…but did they really need a house with a yard that takes 2.73 minutes to cross? It was kind of pointless. But, that too she shrugged off. At this moment her concern was getting to The Square, and blowing off some steam in the local bookstore.