Lennet was one of those girls who spent twenty minutes in the bathroom every morning, trying to make it look like she only spent ten minutes in the bathroom.

First, she used hair supplies to make her black hair look 'roughed up'. She'd make it somewhat frizzy and in the way.

Then she'd spend a good five minutes on her eye makeup. A light brown shadow to balance out her green eyes- it matched her skin enough to not be noticeable, and it was dark enough to not seem like she was trying to make her eyes 'pop'. Yet, it would make her eyes pop.

She was very careful to choose the exact right lipgloss. But never lipstick. Gloss was perfect, because it was only sort of noticeable. She had three different shades of clear, five different shades of pink, three purple, and six red.

She chose based on what color shirt she was wearing.

The last choice was the blush/powder combination. Sometimes she'd wear powder, sometimes she wouldn't. It depended on what color lipgloss she wore. The blush would also depend on the lipgloss.

If she had powder, she'd use a lighter blush, so that it wasn't 100 certain that she was wearing it or not. If she had no blush, she'd use more or less the same color blush as the color lipgloss she wore.

And every morning when she left the bathroom, her mom would walk by and go, "Oh my god, Len. That just makes you look soooo hot. Except that you look like a really good drag queen."

Then they'd both laugh, and Lennet would go back into the bathroom and spend five minutes taking all the makeup off, and putting smoothing gel in her hair.

But, lately, her mom stopped walking in and saying that. And she stopped taking off all the makeup.

It didn't really matter. Lennet was pretty sure no one really noticed, anyway.