By Kat - Open Doors- Chapter 2: Facing it

Something you should not do: Be late to meet up your paranoid brother who thinks that every guy out there wants to rape you.

Unfortunately, I learnt this the hard way.

"Where the hell have you fucking been? I was looking all over for you!" Sam yelled as I approached the black Nissan.

"Sorry I got caught up" I said ignoring his overly paranoid tone, while opening the car door on the passengers side.

"You got caught up? Doing what? I've been here for an hour!" His face looked like it was going to explode. Either that or he was going to commit an act of violence very soon.

"Oh my God Sam chill, I was just a little late, okay so maybe that's an understatement but still, I'm fine, now can we go home? Hurry up and get in the car" He got in the car and put the key in the ignition. He stared out the front window for about 30 seconds as the car stayed in its parked position "Feeling better?" I said. He had obviously calmed down. He ignored me and drove out of the schools parking lot.

"I joined the basketball team" I tried to read the expressions on his face, but it was kind of hard when he didn't have any. "So I have practice in the afternoons beginning next week"

"And why are you telling me this?" He was starting to really piss me off with his mono-tone voice.

"Well I thought you should know that you're going to have to wait till 5:30pm before we can go home" I looked at him and prodded for more "Unless you catch a ride with someone" He finally said.

"I'll just wait for you" I looked out the window to look at the blue sky filled with clouds. "You know Sam…" I started, but got interrupted

"I don't want you catching a ride with Dean" He said plainly, there was a flash of anger in his eyes. I noticed the car started to go faster as he mentioned Dean's name.

"Did you not hear me? I said I would wait for you, and even if I didn't why is it such a big issue to you if a catch a ride with Dean?"

"Because I know guys like him Leigh, you have to trust me; he's only after one thing. That cute innocent boy you remember from when you were 8 is gone." He pulled over into our driveway and opened the door "I know you were with him and that's why you were late"

"Sam we're just friends, if he tries any crap ill take care of it, now will you please let me live my own life and just piss off for a while?" I stalked up the stairs and into the house. I mean it's my life right. I can make my own decisions and I don't need my big brother bossing me around and telling me what to do like I'm 5.

The next day of school came quickly. Today was over cast and looked like it was about to rain. I got out of the car without saying a word to Sam. I walked through the gloss red painted doors and proceeded to C17. Today I was earlier, and only a few of the people were at school. I threw my bag on the floor and sat down on a desk in the middle of the room crossing my legs.

"Hey" I heard a male voice call out. I looked up and saw hazel coloured brown eyes staring back at me. The boy was taller than me but shorter than dean. He has a sweet smile and black hair. He wore baggy jeans and a white t-shirt, and his black hair looked like a tornado just passed through.

"Hi" I smiled, then turned my head to look out the window

"You the new girl right? Leigh?" He sat beside me and smiled

"Yeah" I smiled back

"So why are you here so early? Meeting someone?"

"Uh no, my brother woke me up early for no reason" He laughed

"My names Shaun by the way"

"Cool hey, I have to go, I'll see you around though" I waved good-bye and went to find my I would see him again…

I was walking to Sam's classroom, then who else should I bump into but Dean.

"Hey Leigh" He walked over with his group of cheerleading, basketball playing friends. "Where have you been I was looking for you" Behind him one of the cheerleaders rolled her eyes, and stepped closer to Dean, and put her hand in his.

"In the classroom" I said groggily, and looked down at the couples hands joined together.

He shook of the cheerleaders hand, which left her face disappointed and obviously angry. "Hey you guys can go ahead I'm just going to talk to Leigh for a minute" and with that his friends walked off, still cracking jokes, and taking about gossip. "Hey do you want to go out for lunch?" Dean asked rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.


"I don't know, just want to hang out" he looked uneasy

"Are we allowed to do that? Like leave the school?" He nodded

"Sure" I smiled. My smile lasted for about a second and then quickly faded "O I don't think I can though, Sam will be so pissed" I bit my lip

"Its okay, he won't find out" he smiled "So meet me out the front" I nodded, and made my way to class.

First period I had History, which was practically a bludge, the teacher put on a video, so I just had to sit there and watch. Second period I had Geograph, geography was Okay... I didn't find it very interesting, learning about the difference between climate and temperature, but It had to be done. The students came and the teacher was about 10 minutes late. Then a familiar voice came from behind me.

"Hello again" Shaun said flashing his white teeth

I was in second period when it happened. Amber, the same girl who came up to me yesterday. "Hey Sam" she said in her annoyingly high voice

"Hi" I wasn't really concentrating, but from yesterday and today I knew that Amber was a bitch. She was one of the people who no one messed with. Especially the girls.

"So I'm having this party at my house tonight and I would really, really love it if you could come" she winked. I raised my right eye brow at her but she didn't seem to see.

"Amber get out of my seat" A girl said as she walked in. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. Her hair was straight and the expression on her face said 'I don't give a damn who you are, get out of my way' Amber froze there glaring at the girl

"Kiara get a life" Amber said before moving out of the seat. Kiara sat down on the plastic chair and got out her books. She wore a black chocker around her neck; and a black top with jeans that were worn down. Her hair was up in a pony tail held together by a bright pink elastic. She had a side fringe and eye liner, out lining her green eyes.

"What are you looking at" She said in a bitter tone as she turned her gaze on me. Her eyes were beautiful, unlike any I had seen before. Then I realised I was just staring back at her like a love struck idiot.

"Nothing" I turned back to my text book and kept re-reading the paragraph over and over. Somehow I was reading, but it wasn't really registering. I wanted to look back at the girl sitting next to me, and look into her eyes again; there was something I missed, something deeper.

Shaun was cool and had a unique personality; he was happy and was really smart. Mrs. Cainbright, my geography teacher was an old lady, who looked about 60. She wore gold framed glasses that looked to big for her face. She had white curly hair and her voice was croaky like a frogs. This was my first geography lesson and already we had an assignment to do.

"You can work by yourself, or you can work in pairs, research Glaciation, and find out all the information you can. When you are done you will present it to the class by a power point presentation. The due date is next lesson, so I suggest you get to work" After that the class room became a buzz.

"So want to be partners?" Shaun said with a hopeful look on his face.

"Sure" I got up and walked over to the desktop computers that were in rows on the left hand side of the classroom. I sat down on the wheely chair and he pulled his plastic chair over. "So please tell me you actually know what Glaciation means" I opened up Microsoft power point

He looked embarrassed "No not really. We can look up the definition up on the web though" I nodded

After my attempts of trying to work the computer, I let Shaun take over, and in one go he found the definition.


A glaciation (a created composite term meaning Glacial Period, referring to the Period or Era of, as well as the process of High Glacial Activity), often called an ice age, is a geological phenomenon in which massive ice sheets form in the Arctic and Antarctic and advance toward the equator. Conversely, the term interglacial or Interglacial Period, such as the current era, is used to denote the absence of large-scale glaciation on a global scale — i.e., a non-Ice Age. Interglacials are, in general, shorter than glacial epochs.

What glaciation means:

Glaciations are characterized by cool, wet climates and thick ice sheets extending from each pole. Mountain or alpine glaciers in otherwise unglaciated areas expand and extend to lower elevations even in the lowest of latitudes. Sea levels drop due to the presence of large volumes of water above sea level in the icecaps. There is evidence that ocean circulation patterns are disrupted by glaciations. Since the earth has significant continental glaciation in the Arctic and Antarctic, we are currently in a glacial minimum of a glaciation. Such a period between glacial maxima is known as an "interglacial". The current one is the Flandrian

In general, the Earth seems to have been ice-free even in high latitudes except during relatively rare glacial maximums such as the one from which we emerged 10 to 15 thousand years ago.

The causes of glaciations have been much debated ever since the phenomenon was clearly identified in the 17th century. Modern theories tend to revolve around periodic oscillations in the Earth's orbit, hypothesized periodic changes in solar output, changes in atmospheric circulation due to mountain orogenies, and/or the effects of continental masses drifting into polar regions where Antarctica currently resides.

We got it from Wikipedia but re worded some of it. Shaun cracked some jokes about geography here and there and I found him really easy to talk to. He was funny, and he was really smart. On the outside I wouldn't have guess that his personality would be so nice and bright. I found that I enjoyed the lesson, and I enjoyed his company. By the end of the lesson we had finished researching, and put all the information together in our powerpoint. He mainly did the research and I did the designing and animations on the power point.

"Well I think we make a good team" He said as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Definetly" I nodded

"I mean what would you be without me" He said in an overly modest tone

"Haha a lot better than I am now" I joked

The bell rang and class was dissmissed, now it was time for lunch.

Dean was waiting outside the school doors just like he said. I couldn't help but smile when I saw him standing there. The wind blowing his messy cut hair around his face. I swear it looked like something out of the movies.

"Hey" he said as he spotted me

"Hey Dean"

"Ready to go?" He asked as he slowly walked towards a silver Honda Civic.

"Yeah" I got into the passengers side and put on my seat belt "Where are we going?"

"Now that's a surprise" he smiled a crocked smile pulling up one side of his mouth.

"You should know… I'm not very good with surprises. Infact they usually scare me" I said nervously.

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure this surprise won't scare you"

I was thinking about the possibilities, I didn't worry much because we were probably going to go somewhere like Mac D's. Then I thought about Sam, what would he do if he found out? He would be so pissed and I'd be in so much trouble. The thought made me shiver.

"Are you cold?" Dean asked handing me his worn out leather jacket.

"Thank"s I said as I slipped my arms through the sleeves. It was cold, but had a nice smell to it.

"Okay we're here" He opened his door and stepped out of the car. I did the same.

'MCDONALDS' I read the letters ontop of the door and smiled, I was right "I haven't had McDonalds in ages"

"Neither" We walked through the glass doors. There was an asian girl at the counter waiting patiently as Dean and I considered our options.

"Um I'll have a chicken nuggets meal" She nodded and looked at Dean

"I'll have the same"

"That comes to $10.50" Dean pulled out his wallet, I checked my pockets. Damn! I left my wallet in my locker at school. Dean didn't see me panic but he paid for me anyway.

"You know you didn't have to do that" I said

"I know" He smiled and went to take a seat.

"Hey can I ask you something?"

"Sure" He looked curious now…

"Do you actually remember me, well like us playing together when we were kids?"

"Yeah I remember you" He looked embarassed, and his face went slightly red

"What is it?"

"Oh nothing" He was way to.. relaxed, he was hiding something, it was obvious

"Tell me, please" I begged

"Okay, but you have to promise not to laugh or anything" His voice was serious so I knew he wasn't kidding around.

I nodded my head "Promise"

"I…I used to have a crush on you when we were 8" he said nervously

"Really?" He nodded "Wow I never knew, well I guess we were 8 so…" I smiled, and pressed my lips together so I wouldn't laugh

"It really stupid isn't it" It wasn't a question

"No! it was cute! That's so adorable" I gushed. Wow he liked me when we were 8, and I was totally oblivious to it. But then again, we were 8, and its not like you go out when your 8.

"We better get back to school" he said "We wouldn't want your brother finding out that I kidnapped you and fed you food now would we?"

At lunch I sat at the jocks table, I couldn't help looking around for the dark brown hair and green eyes. Kiara. I looked around the cafeteria scanning though the people. Amber sat next to me and looked all innocent. "Who you looking for?" She asked sweetly

I didn't want to hurt the girls feelings, but I didn't have time for this bullshit. "Who was the girl today in our class? I think her name was Kiara?"

She gave me a suspicious look "She's nobody, apparently her dad suffered from depression and commited suicide, and her mums really messed up over the whole thing, and her brothers doing drugs. I don't understand what happened to her, I mean we used to be good friends, but ever since her dad died she went all weird and retarted" She rolled her eyes

So there was a story behind the girl...

I got back to school just in time for next period which was gym. Personally I like gym, I like the whole team work concept. I know… your laughing. Anyway like I said, I had gym. I figured that Shaun was in all my classes so I found him and we walked to gym together. I got changed in the girls locker room and came out wearing a red and white sports t-shirt that said 'Renolds High' printed on the front and white shorts.

"Haha, you look good" Shaun said laughing at me

"Dude, I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, if you haven't noticed, your wearing the exact same thing.!"

"Leigh, I'm not laughing at you, if you haven't noticed you're the only girl here who looks good in her sports uniform" I blushed at his comment and walked over to where the teacher was standing. The gym was big, and had wooden floors. Different courts were painted out in different colours, for different sports. The basketball court had a red outline where as the volleyball court had a blue outline…

"Mr. Doemens class sit on the left and Mrs. Doemens class please sit on the right" It was weird that the two classes P.E. teachers were married. I wonder if they bitched about rebel students.

While we were waiting for our teachers to stop chatting and achnoledge us my phone started to ring. "Hello?" It was my mum "Yeah, they are? are you sure?" –sigh- "Okay then, bye"

Mr. Doemen stood up and spoke to both classes just as I finished my conversation with my mother "Today we're going to play basketball, I will split you up in teams of 6" He pointed one by one to each student in his class "Your 1, Your 2, Your 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" Until both classes were divided equally and had 6 players on each team. I was on Shauns team, with a few of the boys who played basketball, James, Nick, Michael, and Tyler , and I was the only girl.

"Hey check it out, we're versing Dean's team" Tyler pointed towards Dean

"Damn it, we're screwed" said Nick, obviously already giving up

"No, we're not we can beat him" said Michael

"This oughta be fun" I said as I walked towards the middle of the court, and met Dean.

The ball flew up in the air and Deans hand knocked it out of the way. "Dammit" I muttered

Before I knew it Dean was at the other side of the court, I ran to the other side but it was to late, he aimed and threw the ball into the hoop. Damn that boy was good.

We started with the ball this time and everyone was pumped up. Michael passed it in to Nick, who dibbled it half court and threw it to James who threw it to me. As I aimed for the ball, I remembered what Dean had said to me when I went to his house "Now bend your knees, aim for the little black box" I threw the ball up into the air, it hit the centre of the black box and went in.

The crowd went wild! Okay maybe that's a bit exaggerated. My team went wild, for about 5 seconds. Dean started with the ball and was dribbling it half court, I met him there and blocked his way. He winked at me and smiled, I smiled back and tried to steal the ball from him, but it was no use. He went around me and shot the ball into the hoop. The guy must as well have been playing by himself; his team members weren't really doing anything, but standing there looking cool. One of them tried joining in the game, he shoved pasted me and I fell to the floor "Watch it!" He said, and ran after the ball. Dean was about to take a shot, then I'm guessing he saw me on the floor. He passed the ball to Nick (who was on my team) and ran over to help me up.

"Are you okay?" He asked, looking at me making sure I was okay

"Yeah I'm fine" I blushed "Thanks"

"No Problem"

While Dean was helping me up, my team scored a basket. "Sorry about that"

"For what?" He looked confused

"That you had to come and help me, so we scored a point..."

"Its just a game" he smiled

In the end Deans team ended up winning, but only by 2 points. Dean was good at basketball and he knew it. I got changed back into my normal clothes and headed out of the gym with Shaun.

"Leigh!" I heard someone yell from behind me, I turned around to see Dean running towards me. "You forgot something" He held up my sports bag. How could I have left it there without noticing. I felt really stupid and I was blushing bright red.

"Oh um, thanks" I said, taking the sports bag from his hands "By the way my mum called me a while ago and told me that your dad, you, and your brother are coming over for dinner, so if you want you can go home with me and Sam after school" I offered

"Um, yeah okay" he said rubbing his hand agaisnt the back of his neck

"Meet me outside after…" he nodded "See ya!"

"Well I didn't know you personally knew Dean Peters" Shaun said as he raised his eye brow

"He's and old family friend" I informed him

"Ha, you know how many girls would be dying to be in your shoes" This time I raised my eye brow, and pressed my lips together to hide that I was smiling

"My shoes?" I said sarcastically

"Well not your shoes, but you know what I mean" He said frustratedly that it was funny

"You are one weird kid Shaun Williams, but I like it" He looked at me and smiled

"I could say the same thing about you"

The bell rang, and everyone rushed out, I swear it was like a freakin zoo. I totally forgot that Dean was in my homeroom class, so I'd see him after school. Which basically meant that he didn't have to meet me anywhere because we were in the same class. I opened my locker and stuffed my books into my bag. It was heavy, and probably full of things I didn't need. I walked back into the classroom and saw Dean sitting on a desk waiting for me.

"Does Sam know I'm going back with you guys?" He asked, obviously nervous

"I don't know, but don't worry, I'll handle it if he gets to agro. Plus your gonna have to drive your car back anyway so you guys wont be in the same car. Seriously don't worry" I told him that to comfort him, but I think I was also comforting myself.

If anything got out of hand I could handle It. Sam was only 10 times bigger than me and 100 times stronger than me. Ugh, this wasn't helping. To be completely honest If Sam and Dean did get in a fight, I'm not completley sure who would win. Dean was pretty strong too. I mean Sam wouldn't hurt Dean or anything right?

"I'm not worried about me" he muttered "I'm worried about you"

Dean gave a wary smile and picked up his bag from the floor. "Well lets go meet your brother then"

I gulped and stepped out of the classroom door, my brother was standing outside. When he saw me and Dean together I saw his eyed widened. Dean took my hand and walked with me out the door. This was not going to be easy...


Chapter 2.

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