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"Thank God! The first day of torture is over!" I exclaimed after school. Angela giggled at that comment. I slammed my locker shut and hauled my tote bag over my shoulder. We started walking towards the parking lot.

"Oh, come on. It wasn't that bad," she said.

"The whole day consisted of teachers talking about the classes. I would rather have done work, then listen to them talk about what we're going to be covering through the school year." I yawned. "I want a nap."

"It's only the first day of school, lighten up," she suggested. "Wanna go to Starbucks?"

I thought it over. "Maybe tomorrow. Today I'm just gonna go home and sleep."

"Alright, but don't forget my party on Friday. I'll have your invitation by tomorrow." She winked and waved goodbye and headed to her car.

I sighed and started walking towards my car. Before I even got the driver's side open, Jason appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh my god! She so has the hots for you" he said. What the hell was he talking about?


"She was asking you to go out with her," he explained.

"She just wanted to hang out, Jason. Gosh, not everybody is gay like you would like to believe," I answered.

"Excuse me, but my gaydar is perfect," he said all extra preppy.

"Yeah, like when you thought Maria was gay," I said raising an eyebrow.

"Well, she's a party girl. She bound to make out with the same sex when she gets drunk," he said as if it were a perfect explanation.

"Yeah well, your gaydar sucks. Do gay people even have gaydar?"

"Of course." I continued to stare at him with my eyebrows raised. "Ok, not so much, no." I smiled.

"Told you so. And she's not gay, just friendly. Plus, we haven't talked in awhile. And how the hell did you even hear our conservation?" I asked.

"I have excellent hearing," he said all prideful.

"Your silly, Jason."

Ah, here it is. The second day of my junior year. My god, when is the torture going to be over! Okay, I'm over exaggerating just a little. Wait, isn't that an oxymoron. Or is that an antithesis. Wait no, and oxymoron deals with one or two words, and an antithesis deals with a phrase. So, I guess it's an oxymoron. Oh, sorry. Back to the story. I'm just gonna skip right to snack.

"Hey, are you guys going to Angela's party on Friday?" Maria asked.

"I am, and Jason's going with me," I said.

"I am?" he asked.

"Yeah, she told me to invite you cause she thought we were dating," I explained. He broke into a wide grin.

"I guess people thinking we're dating is a good thing on my part," he said as he hugged me.

"What party? Who's Angela?" Tina asked.

"Okay, Angela is like the most popular girl in school. How could you not know that?" Maria said.

"How do you know Angela?" I asked.

"We've known each other since we were kids. She's my home girl," she answered. "Anyway, every school year she throws a back-to-school party. It's the wildest party of the year, except for the end-of-school party she throws. Everybody throws caution to the wind, cause people forget about their indiscretions by the time school starts again," Maria said all in one breath.

"So you all are going?" Tina asked. We all nodded. She looked kinda down about it. Maria caught on quick.

"Tina, why don't you go with me?"

"Aren't you going with your boyfriend?" she asked taking a sip of her soda.

"Nah, I've been meaning to break up with him. He refuses to go down on me, yet he wants a blowjob," she complained. Tina spit out her drink in surprise. She's a little sensitive when people talk about sex so casually. I don't mind at all even though I'm a virgin. Jason is extremely perverted, so I'm used to it.

"Is the party any good?" Tina asked.

"Are you kidding? It's the best party ever!" I said. "I didn't go last year, but in freshmen year, it was amazing."

"Yeah, you got so drunk that you took your top off," Maria said. Everybody's eyes turned to me.

"I was wearing a bra underneath, you perverts! But now, I know how much I can drink until I am no longer coherent and impaired," I explained. Oh, I'm going to kill Maria the second I'm alone with her.

"Yeah, how about none?" Tina suggested.

"Nah, I'll Jason be look out to make sure I don't do anything stupid," I said nudging Jason.

"Yep, I'll protect her from evil," he declared putting an arm around me.

Maria shook her head. "This is why people think that you two are dating."


"That's the bell. We'd better get going," I grumbled and started off to my class.

"Uggh! I hate my teachers!" I growled as I loaded my third book into my bag to take home. It was the end of my second day as a junior.

"Are you like this everyday after school?" Angela asked. We have the same last period and our lockers are in the same building, so we now we hang out before we leave.

"Yep, and since none of my other friends are here right now, you'll just have to listen to me bitch," I simpered.

"You're silly."

"That I am. Hey, you wanna go for Starbucks, since we didn't go yesterday?" I asked.

She smiled her pearly whites. "Sure." How did her teeth get so white? I heard baking soda works. Sorry, off topic again.

Jason came racing towards me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me away. "We need to talk now," he demanded.

"I'll meet you there," I shouted at Angela and waved bye.

Jason pulled me into a secluded corner.

"So, what's up?" I asked.

"I have a crush on this totally cute guy," he said.

"Is it Gavin?"





"No, stop guessing and listen. It's Mr. Jonas."

"I'm walking away now. I'll call you when I think you're back to your senses," I commented and walked away.

"Miranda!" he cried.

"Later!" I called back. "You can brag about him over the phone." That instantly cheered him up.


It took less than five minutes to get to Starbucks. I could have just walked since it's not that far away.

Angela was already at a table sipping her drink. I ordered Grande Caramel Macchiato, and joined her at the table.

"So, what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I just thought it would be cool to hang out outside of school. Especially, since we haven't really talked since freshmen year," she said with ease. She always seemed cool, calm, and collected.

"Yeah, high school can separate friends because of the stupid schedules," I sighed. High school was full of trials.

"It's just that when we graduate and go to college, we're not going to see our friends any more. And I would hate to lose the friendships that I worked hard to build, so quickly. I want to keep my high school friends," she confessed. "I want to stay with the friends that helped me through high school."

I was amazed by her honesty and take on friendships.

"You are truly an amazing person," I said without thinking. She blushed.

"No, it's just that I think that friends are right up there with family."

"Yeah, they are." I nodded. Wow, this was a whole new take on high school and the friends that went with it.

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