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Maria and I stood in our bras and panties. We were at Tina's house trying to figure out what we should wear to Angela's party. We both had brought over clothes so we could get opinions. Tina was in the bathroom changing.

I picked up a black corset-design tank top. I held it up against my body.

"What do you think Maria?" I asked. She looked me over.

"Good. Now wear that with those black jeans and the low-heel boots you brought over," she suggested. I nodded and started following her advice.

Once I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. I had to admit, I looked good. Really good. Maria gave great fashion advice.

"How should I do my hair?" I asked.

"Wear it down with some bangs in the front. Oh! And wear some hoop earrings."

"Yes, sir," I said with a mock salute. She just rolled her eyes and started dressing. Earlier, I had picked a royal blue tank top with crossing straps and a denim miniskirt for her. She was going to wear flip-flops and chandelier earrings with them.

"Are you guys decent?" Tina called out from behind the bathroom door.

"No, we're 69ing. Of course we're decent. Now get out here so we can see your outfit!" Maria answered.

The door opened slowly, and Tina stepped out. She was wearing a purple halter-top, and a black skirt. I shook my head in disapproval.

"Tina, first rule of fashion: Never wear a halter top and skirt together. Men will think you're easy. Ditch the skirt and put on some denim Capri's with sandals."

Tina nodded and returned to the bathroom to change.

"Good lord, this is tiring. Why doesn't she just change out here with us?" I wondered.

"She's modest. But once that party cherry is popped, that girl will go wild," she answered.

I giggled at that. There was a knock outside the bedroom door.

"Hurry up women, or we won't make it to the party in time!" Jason yelled.

"We're almost done, so shut up!" I yelled back.

A few minutes later, Tina emerged from the dressing room.

"Let's go," Maria said. And off to the party we go!

It took about half an hour to get to Angela's house. But it was worth it. Her house was huge. She had a pool, pool house, tennis court, and a rec room as big as an apartment.

We could hear the music blaring, as we pulled up to the house. On the way to the door, Maria and I were telling Tina what to do and not to do at a party.

"Do not accept a drink from anyone, especially from guys, unless the drink is from one of us," Maria said.

"Yeah, and don't eat or drink anything. Even water bottles. The bastards got smarter and started using needles to inject drugs into them," I added. Tina looked terrified.

"But the most important thing is to have fun!" Maria said as the front door swung open.

Angela and Leslie were standing there with cups.

"Hey you made it!" Angela said and hugged me then Maria.

"They took forever to get dressed, so it's their fault," Jason said. I stuck my tongue out at him and entered the house.

"Angela, this is Jason and Tina," I said as I introduced ever body.

"I know Jason. I have a class with him. Come one the party's already started," she said and handed me a cup of beer and vodka. It was her signature party drink. Jason and Maria went off wandering.

"Oh, Miranda, the guys want to know if they'll get a show tonight," Leslie said.

"No they will not! I won't get that drunk. And besides, this tank top is too tight to pull over my head," I retorted and sipped my beer cocktail. It was the good. Angela didn't skimp.

Angela smiled. She had a pretty smile. She walked over to me and grabbed my hand.

"Come on, let's dance!" she said. I downed my beer in one gulp and let her pull me on to the dance floor.

Once there, I let go. The alcohol started to take effect, and I threw caution to the wind. All I was aware of were me and Angela's bodies moving rhythmically to the music.

In the middle of the song, Angela pointed out some guys in a corner.

"They've been staring at us this whole time," she whispered in my ear. I grinned from ear to ear.

"Why don't we really give them something to stare at," I suggested. I winked at her and she smiled.

I started to run my hands over her body as we danced. The guys' jaws dropped. Angela started to slide her hands down my chest. We brought our faces closer and pretended that we were going to kiss.

The two guys fell over in their chairs. Angela and I burst out laughing at the two douche bags. Men were so stupid.

Angela pulled back with a huge smile on her face. "I think we made them cream their pants," she said with a giggle.

"Yeah, that was priceless," I said. "Hey, let's go do some shots."


"Is there any other way?" I asked.

"No, it's just that last time you did shots, you started flashing your bra to everyone," she said.

"Yeah well, now you're here to protect me. Remember, don't think-"

"Drink!" she finished for me. "Let's get wasted."

We started with a first round of shots. Maria, Tina, and Jason decided to join us. Tina and Jason didn't drink but supervised as Angela, Maria, and I downed the tequila. It burned a path down my throat.

After several shots, I still felt fine. My stomach felt warm and fuzzy. I was quite proud of myself. I went past my limit and I still could see clearly. I started to pick up another shot, but Angela snatched it away from me.

"Hey! Give it back!" I stood up suddenly and realized that it was the wrong decision. The room spun and I swayed.

"Is she alright?" I heard Tina asked. Angela gently steadied me.

"Yeah, she's just a little drunk," Angela said. "I'm going to take her to the guest room."

I felt arms wrap around me and drag me somewhere. I could barely make out anything.

Next thing, I knew I was deposited on the bed. It was bouncy! I bounced on it with my butt. But I only succeeded in making myself dizzy and nauseous..

"Where am I?" I asked.

"The guest room. It's locked so no jackass can come in here and try to take advantage of you," she said slightly stumbling on her way to the bed.

"You're drunk too!" I said and howled with laughter. She fell on the bed beside me.

"You're really pretty," I said aloud. "I wish I could attract as many people as you do."

"Thanks," she mumbled and rolled over onto her stomach. "You're beautiful."

"You know, when I first saw this year. I kinda found you attractive," I said not realizing what I had just blurted out.

"Really? But I thought-" I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, but it felt good.

Her lips were soft and she tasted like liquor, but I didn't care at the moment. Damn, she was a good kisser.

I woke up with a killer hangover. I felt as if someone had taken a jackhammer to my head. I groaned and rolled over, only to see a body right next to me. Angela's body. And her short seemed to be missing, but it looked like she still had her bra on.

"Oh my God!" I screamed.

"What's going on?" Angela asked in a sleepy voice.

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