She is just a bondage-loving girl and he is the freak slash nerd that lives next door to her. Will love surface or was she just in it for the leather collar and leash?

A/n Okay I am not good at writing sex scenes. For the whole entire, time my cheeks kept burning. So bare with me. In addition, it is not all sex its sweet. In my opinion, I think so.


I did not understand Bree Larson at all. To me she was the weirdest girl I ever met. She was not like any one else at our school. Therefore, she shops at American Eagle and Abercrombie. However, it was the way she acted.

On the outside, she was a normal prep but I could just talk to her and know there was something different about her. She had a sultry voice and she was naughty...I like that in her alot.

However, when she did talk to me it was because our mail was mixed up. You see I live next door to her. I have been for three years since she moved here. She was 14.

Three years Ago:

"Mom do we have to!" I moaned. I did not want to be near any new neighbors. I already hated the ones around us. Michael Clark and James Beak were the regular bully/jocks in Lifetime TV Movies. They were big muscle jerks who got the superficial girls. They also bullied the ''freaks'' aka my friends and I.

"We have to be polite and plus there's a pretty girl for you to talk to." She winked at me.

My stomach turned as I carried the key lime pie along with the homemade lemonade in our glass pitcher. We were outside on our front steps.

We crossed the street and entered the Larsons' front porch. My mother adjusted her skirt and smoothed out her already perfect hair. She rang the doorbell.

We waited a few seconds and the door swung open startling my mother.

However, Bree amazed me. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail and she was...glowing. Even though she looked irritated, I could not help look at her. Her blond hair was coming out of in complete disorder escaping from her lose ponytail. Her shorts showing of long freckled legs. She had just the cutest little nose and I just wanted to pinch it.

She was sexy but beautiful. My face started burning and my hands were sweating profusely.

"Hello!" My mother said in a cheery voice. My heart just started to race and I was embarrassed that my mother was here. I wanted to run away but my feet just stayed put.

She eyed then smirked "Take a picture it last longer."

My mother whipped her head "It's not polite to stare, Kevin."

I swallowed hard and mumbled sorry.

"Well we would like to welcome you to the neighborhood. We have pieee." She sung and took the lemonade from me. "Something to drink with it too." She handed it over to Bree.

"Thanks. My name is Bree by the way."

"Oh my gosh how rude is it not to mention our names." She giggled at our mistake. "Well I'm Mrs. Carlina Paul and this is my son Kevin as I mentioned before." She smiled sweetly at Bree.

"Well nice to meet you. Sorry I came off wrong I was just a tired from moving boxes and unpacking."

"It's okay I understand. Are your parents home?"

"No they're not. They're looking around the neighborhood I just wanted to stay inside."

"Well alright. If you need anything just come over were right across the street."