I am not good a writting sex scences.

She was sexy.

Her hair was flowing glowing in the sun. She was in a tiny string- bikini the fabric was hardly enough to cover her breasts.

I loved a girl with a flat toned stomach. She was tan not like that fake orange spray on stuff. She was very athletic I knew she played volleyball. Further down were to her legs. Even though she was lightly tan, you could still see her freckles.

Instant hard on.

I tried my best to somehow use the lawn mower to cover my boner. But she could see. She gave me that smirk again.

"I wanted to see your mom." Her eyes were still on my package. She was doing nothing to make me fell less uncomfortable.

I could not speak I felt heat rush across my face and throughout my body. What is worse was I could not think all the blood was not going to my brain but toward down my pants.

"Um...she's in back." My mom was still doing her Desperate Housewives thing.

"Kay," she said slyly. She went behind me giving my shoulder squeeze before leaving.

I was really into math. I heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs. I opened the door not bothering to see who was behind it.

It was Bree again. This time she was wet. Her nipples were erect and she had an innocent smile plastered on my face. I knew this was all a game just to make the nerd squirm but I was happy to be the game piece.

"I locked myself out my house when I went to my pool. Can I stay here till my mom comes?"

I nodded and stepped aside to let her in. She looked around the house and gave me a compliment on how nice it was since the last time she comes over.

"God it's so hot." She readjusted her bikini the sides of her top were loosening. I just kept staring but she seemed to like me doing so. "My back hurts too. Could you do something about it?"

I nodded just too excited to speak but to nervous to move over to her. I coughed clearing my throat. She sat in living room chair.

Move right foot then left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, I said that repeatedly in my head to make sure I did not miss out in an opportunity of a lifetime. I was behind the chair and Bree looked up gazing into my eyes with her bug blue icy ones. I put my hands on her shoulder.

I gently pressed my thumbs into her back I was not sure what to do. Therefore, I just used my instincts.

"Lower," she started moaning. I felt weak my knees were buckling I kept myself up by grabbing on the top of the chair.

I did as I was told I went lower after fifteen minutes of her moaning and I almost blacking out she told me to stop.

"Thanks but if it's not too much to ask could you do the front."

I was sure I was dreaming. "Huh." I felt as if marbles were in my mouth. I had it hard for her and any second now I was going to explode.

"Please." She looked at me again, she pouted her lips. She has such full lips.

I nodded again.

I did not think I could move. I started my hands back on her shoulders and went down I stopped a few inches from her breasts not sure what she meant I did not want to be embarrassed.

"Don't be so shy." She grabbed my hands and places each one her breasts. My breathing kept quickening my palms was shaking.

I knew what she wanted now and I didn't care if there was catch to it I waited three years just to be even a fraction of a step close to her.

It gave her tits a squeeze. She purred like a kitten and I kept going. I felt her nipples hard in my palm. Nevertheless, the fabric was irritating me I was about to untie the sides when she swatted my hand.

"Keep doing what you're doing. I'll tell you what to do next." It was in a demanding but still sweet voice it rather turned me on.

She moaned more and told me I was doing a good job. She told me when to go faster or slower. When to go softer or harder.

"Come in front of me.