Lost in my mind,

Cloudy, misty.

The tide rises,

And the tide falls.

The steps of life can lead the way,

But sometimes there is that day,

Where we go astray,

From the path that leads the way.

Even though we know the answer,

We do not understand the question.

People cannot recognize the difference,

Between life and living.

It tears me in two,

The feeling I get from you,

You feel like you can't control what you do,

But I know we're not through.

My head spins faster and faster,

Slowing down for nothing.

Dark matter takes what is left,

And the cycle begins again.

It pulls me under,

It pulls me over,

It pulls me towards you,

And it pulls me away from you.

The question is what we know,

Not what we understand.

Maybe one day I can say,

"Come with me, take my hand,

The light is safe now,

We're together now,

Come, come now…"

But we know how it ends,

The fatal tragedy appears,

We cannot stop it,

Even though it was known.

Just because we know the end,

Doesn't mean we know where to start.