I sighed lightly as I opened the door to my room and flipped the light on. No different than any other night…music playing softly from the stereo, comforter strewn across the bed from where I had kicked it off earlier in the morning, T.V. in the corner, posters plastered on the walls, Viper sitting in the middle of the bed…

I blinked.

Wait a minute…Viper?

I brought my gaze to the bird. "Well…hello there Sweetie. I wasn't expecting you to be here so soon."

He looked at me and cocked his head sideways and chimed lightly, as if asking me if I was okay.

I couldn't help but smile weakly, as I sat down on my bed next to the large bird. He always had a way of knowing when I was upset, even when I was trying not to show it.

He was actually more than people thought him to be. My mom Gayle had created him to torture others for their wrongdoings, but sometimes, I'd swear he had his own spirit and mind, just like any normal human would. He comforted others, he had so many human characteristics, and not to mention, he was damn good at snuggling.

He chimed once more, and wrapped his wings around my form as I sighed into them.

"Viper…I'm a moron. I've fucked up something really amazing with a really great woman…and I-I think that she may hate me now," I spoke, my voice soft, almost quiet.

He wrapped his wings tighter around me and held me close, as if he were comforting me.

"I- you know…I have always loved her. I can't even get her off of my mind. I was stupid to have let all of this shit go down. I've always thought of her as my soul mate…. I just…how can I tell her this?"

He wrapped tighter, and motioned for me to lie down, and I curled into his chest, he chiming lightly to a familiar tune. Was he trying to sing to me?

I sighed once more, curled closer to him, and whispered softly, "I need her Viper. I really do. She's my life, my everything. It's her birthday. I want to give her something special."

I swear I could hear him talking when he chimed. It almost seemed as if he said, "Just tell her. I'm sure she'd feel the same way. Don't worry about what anyone else says. If you love her…just tell her"

That was all I needed to hear. I'd tell her the next night when we met at our usual time. I needed her. I needed to be with her. She was the other half of my heart, the completing piece.

I couldn't help but smile again, as I saw my Mom enter the room as well, she joining along with Viper and myself.

I curled into both of them, letting my eyes flutter shut.

I drifted off into a land of dreams, thinking about her, and dreamed about her. Of holding her in my arms again, holding her, kissing her gently, giving her roses, and leaving her random notes to have a good day, and even telling her how much I loved her. I dreamed of our little arguments that we used to have over who was cuter, who loved the other more.

A smile crossed my face, hoping that one day I'd have her again. I could only hope for now. But soon, I would know if she felt the same for me. If she too, wanted to be with me, just as I had for so long wanted to be with her. I needed her, and it was now or never to tell her.

A/N: Okay Babe…I know it's kind of short, but you had asked me to write you something for your birthday, and well…this came to mind. I'm sure, it's by far, not my greatest story, but I had to tell you somehow…I only hope that you like it. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. May there be much more happiness to come in your future. You truly deserve it. –Diana