Mindy stared at the door. The police had assured her they were on their way but she knew they were not going to make it in time. Dean would make it through the door first. He was strong and while the door was temporarily holding him back it would not withstand for much longer.

Mindy stared at the baby in her arms. She was small and carefree sleeping like a babe even though Dean was pounding furiously on the door.

While she stared down at her infant Mindy knew that she could not let Nancy go through the same ordeal she knew she eventually would. Running to the closet in the foyer Mindy found a very heavy bulky coat that had belonged to her grandfather before he passed away a year ago. She gently placed little Nancy inside the coat and put the coat on top of a pile of crates that she had been too lazy to clean out. She was glad for her laziness now. Looking one last time at the safely wrapped baby Mindy closed the door and went back to the center of the foyer.

The banging was continuous and monotonous. At any moment the hinges would come undone and the door would fall down. Mindy looked towards the back door where the same activity was taking place. Apparently Dean had hired some henchmen and they were now busy at working trying to break down her doors.

Looking over at the telephone on the table by the closet she glared at it. She wondered if she should call her mother or someone and say goodbye to them but then thought against it. It was a fat chance but she did not want her mother in risk of any danger at all.

She thought of her sisters Sissy and Kelly. They were so lucky. They had Brad and Mike. Brad and Mike had been intelligent choices whereas Mindy had picked Dean. It was a choice that was now going to cause her, her life.

She had not known the type of guy Dean had been. He had been so nice and helpful and considerate of her when they were back in college. She had had no idea of what he really had been.

She hadn't known until she had found drugs and cigarettes and all other kinds of merchandise up in the attic a few weeks before this. She had been so shocked. She had not known how long she had stood up there just staring at her husband's secret holdings. Then before she had even realized it Dean had come up behind and slammed his hand over her mouth and clamped it there. She had remembered having a sensation of breathlessness that frightened her even more then the door being broken open.

Then he had told her that if she mentioned anything to anyone about what she had just seen then she would never see Nancy again. Mindy had never told a soul out of fear for her newborn girl. She had not wanted to see Nancy in any danger.

Now Nancy was in even more danger. The door was finally unhinged and it came smashing down at her feet. Standing in the doorway was Dean.

"I told you not to tell," he said angrily stepping onto the door's platform with wobbly steps. "And then you went and tattled. And for this you will be punished." He turned to the men around him that had come from the back. "Find the baby. She's around here somewhere. Hank Stein check upstairs. Holden, DeMint, check around the downstairs. Don't leave anything unchecked "

Then they dispersed looking everywhere. The two henchmen Dean had assigned to look upstairs bolted up the steps two at a time. They knew that there was not much time to spare and that at any moment the police could arrive unexpectedly. Mindy shook terribly as she tried to keep her eyes away from the closet in the foyer. When the four men had disappeared Dean lunged at her from where he had been standing on the door and sent her to the floor.

She barely managed to stop her head from colliding with the hard surface. Gasping for breath she looked into her husband's face. He was angry now. She could see how angry he was. She had only let it slip when talking to a friend who had moved to Hawaii. No matter how far away however Dean seemed to be irked by her confidant.

"Hannah was one of the biggest bigmouths in our University and you blabbed to her! Of all people Mindy you don't tell Hannah Palaver. You just don't do that sort of thing. You've now put her life in mortal danger thanks to your foolishness." Mindy tried not to look frightened when he told her this. It was not her fault that he had frightened her. He had been holding illegal drugs in their house, her house.

The two henchmen came down then from the stairwell. Dean did not let go of Mindy at all when he looked up to see them. "Well?" he spat glaring at each of them in turn. "How many times did you look?"

"We looked twice," said one of them. Mindy was amazed at this. They had only been on the floor for three minutes. She felt her mouth involuntarily drop open as one of the henchmen went to the foyer closet. She could not close it in time. Dean saw her mouth opened and grinned revealing his yellowing teeth and spitting in her face, whether intentionally or unintentionally Mindy did not know or care.

"You couldn't keep your own baby's life a secret," he smirked. Then he looked back at the henchmen by the door. "Hank," he said casually with a broad and hideous grin stretched across his face. "Check the entire closet. Don't leave anything unchecked. Dump everything on the floor if you have to but don't miss a thing." Hank obeyed and instead of casually looking through he threw everything onto the floor. He took the bulky coat and threw it too and Nancy rolled out her blond curls following lazily behind. Nancy was four years old but Mindy liked to think of her as an infant anyway. It made her feel somehow closer to the girl. Now as she watched Stein pick up Nancy by the hair she cried out and kneed Dean in the groin. He had momentarily loosened his grip when he had seen Nancy roll out of the jacket.

Dean howled with pain as Mindy lunged for Stein who was holding her little girl. Nancy woke up then because of the pain and her mother's cries. She began to cry in sync with her mother and then stopped momentarily when DeMint and Holden came to the door. DeMint shot two consecutive bullets to the girl's forehead. Stein dropped the bloodstained body in disgust and looked irritably at DeMint and Holden.

"You coulda shot me damn it!" he accused angrily at his partners. They merely shrugged and nodded to Dean who was still on the floor.

"Boss's orders not mine," DeMint explained casually leaning against the doorframe still brandishing his pistol.

Dean stood up and headed towards where Mindy sat cradling her dead little girl. She looked up at Dean and then looked over at the henchmen. She placed Nancy carefully on the ground and then lunged recklessly at DeMint. Without a second thought Dean grabbed DeMint's gun and shot Mindy in the gut.

Dean watched for a moment as Mindy's blood rushed out onto the foyer's floor. Then he turned to his men. "Let's go out the back I can hear the police on their way." Mindy could hear the sirens faint in the distance as they made their way as fast as they could to Mindy's remote home. She cried out in agonizing pain as she tried to crawl over to Nancy.

Stein seeing this kicked Nancy with the heel of his foot and she rolled closer to Mindy. Mindy reached out and pulled her to her bosom. She wept into her girl's bloody curls and looked into the face of her husband.

"Why?" was all she could manage to whisper as he turned his back on her and walked towards the back of the house. As they were opening the door Dean looked back and as an afterthought shot his wife in the heart as she looked achingly at him. He did not bother to take a second glance back at them as he shut the door on his past life.

Glancing at his four men and then towards the approaching police cars Dean began to feel a sense of fear that he had never experienced before.

"Let's go!" he cried and ran for the car parked on the other side of the woods that bordered his former home.

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