Chapter Five

After spending most of the day at the park Hannah walked to a nearby diner and ordered some dinner. After that she headed home and found a voicemail from Kyle on the answering machine. He told her that he had a flight for them booked to the Big Island and he was looking forward to spending the day with her. Hannah grinned from ear to ear at the thoughtfulness. Then she got into the shower and put on her robe.

Going into the living room she turned on the ten o'clock news. Her mouth fell open as she saw her old schoolmate's body on the screen. Hannah grimaced and watched as they showed Mindy's little girl Nancy in the same mutilated state. Hannah nearly dropped her lemonade in surprise. She placed it gently on the side table and watched openmouthed as the news reporter explained the case. It had made national television. Hannah was shocked beyond measure.

Dean must have found out what had happened, Hannah realized with a pang of horror. He must have found out that Mindy had told me about his stuff in the attic. Hannah jumped at the revelation. I have to get out of here!

Leaving the television on Hannah raced to her room and packed a few things in one suitcase leaving some things behind. She grabbed all of her necessary items and packed a few things of clothing adding in sweaters and jeans that she had hoped she would not have to use.

She then hailed a cab and went straight for the Honolulu airport just in time for a flight to Albany. Hannah did not breathe with relief until she was in a seat on the plane and safely in the air.

She breathed freely then and took out a newspaper from the chair in front of her. she glanced briefly out the dark window and then closed it. A man was sitting next to her snoring his head off. She watched as his white mustache moved up and down. It made her feel a little more relaxed as she tried to feel a little more at ease with herself.

She remembered her step-father and mother then and wondered what they would think. What would they do if they found out she was missing? They would certainly find out. Kyle was bound to phone them the next day and tell them that she was not at home. Hannah sighed sadly. She was not going to be able to tell Kyle or anyone where she was. She refused to put any of them in danger. She was not going to endanger a soul she loved. They would not suffer at her expense. Well they were suffering or at least would be when they discovered she was missing.

Hannah felt herself drift off into subconscious as the pl,ane moved towards Albany.

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