this is a war of lies
whose mask is more real?
the one that's most absurd normally wins
(duly noted, goodness is the first hint to evil)

this new composition for burning our flesh
consists of acetone, cologne, and cheap liquor.
the vicious fumes spurn our eyes to sparkle,
(and sincerity is clearly the first hint to lies.)

this bottle contails flesh
grotesque in its perfecting hubris
and those two tubes-they turn tears onyx
(it's obvious: laughter is the first hint to pain.)

we flirt and we play with morbid jovialty
we spin quickly in circles to prolong our dizzy state.
whoever falls fastest wins office of leader.
(though we all want out, no one ever goes home.)

leaving is a sign of weakness,staying is a sign of weakness;
strength is..bought;sold;traded;hidden.
(what is your strength?)