sie schreien.
I don't even know the language; the voice
yet I feel the words; clawing, and thick
as they try to break their silence, as if I had a choice
pero, Je no suis pais..
ou, "como se dice.."
No.. no habla.. nada.
Nothing-that's what I speak.
I was given a gift of tongues!
and I do nothing but lie it lie, dormant,.
yo see what?
My god's; it's like Babylon's tower.
there's nothing to say, heard words don't carry my hart
it's the words that lie on paper, secure
ready for scrutiny
and prepared to die for the cause.
It's just that.. I can't have you look at me.
No- pay attention to the paper, not my face.
not me. I'd say the truth with jest.
and take its beauty by rape.
hah-hah. ... protect yourself.
people will mark you; branded by a thought.
that, like many, we didn't quite think out.
palai vous.. et? oui?
no oido usted.. sie schreinen, noch.
et por siempre. pero,
las bocas de ellos nuna han abierto