Once upon a time,
there was a hero and a princess,
They were in love with each other
but neither caused a big fuss.
It was in the twilight,
when they were all alone that
the hero said to her
That a moment occurred.
In the secret spot they shared together
They made a promise to be with one another forever
But he was a hero and he had to save the world,
she was a princess and couldn't leave.
My darling, my angel please stop crying.
You breaking my heart with each tear you shed.
I'll come back for you, I promise, I won't be dying.
I have to take care of the darkness before it spreads.
That was so long ago.
I used to be in love with you,
you were my everything and more.
You used to visit everyday and promised me
that everything would be ok.
But that was so long ago.
My sunshine in the rain
How was I to know you would
cause me so much pain.
you stopped writing to me,
the letters torn my heart.
Your visits became shorter
and further apart.
Then you stopped coming all together.
So much for forever.
It's over now,
our love is gone.
Don't say you're sorry or try to win
Me back with your love song.
Just forget it,
Because your love means shit.
My nightmares they haunted me,
Where were you?
You have no clue.
I can't hope and pray
That maybe just maybe you're okay.
I know you're out saving the world,
But all that stress can be hard on a girl.
I want to hold your hand,
not watch you leave.
I want to kiss,
Not hold your keys.
You can't save the world
And pay attention to me.
So just forget it, they need
You more than me.
I wish you knew,
How hard this is to do.
But this is so much easier,
Without you.
Just kiss my forehead,
And say goodbye.
This is it, there is
No retry.
I hope you forget,
The good times we had.
I hope you forget all the bad.
But most of all I hope you forget
All about me, because you can't be sad.
Just forget me,
Like a memory.

f i n