Tomorrow was in the Past

All she wanted was

Happily ever after.

What she got was


She wanted to fall in love.

She didn't realize that

Prince Charming had a princess.

She cried black mascara

And bled black blood.

The white sheets on her bed

Were covered in red stains.

Her eyes were always red from crying,

Her face was permanently stained from tears.

Her heart was permanently damaged.

Nothing could fix this broken girl.

Wherever she went was dark,

Wherever she went rained.

No color; only black and white.

No life; she lived a dream.

No one heard her whisper "save me".

No one saw past her smile.

Every day she looked in a mirror

And said to herself "One more day."

One more day never came.

Tomorrow was in the past.

One more lie, one more fantasy

She wished was reality.

Darkness was light.

Light was darkness.

No path was right.

So lost. So confused.

So dead.