What devilish claw grasps my heart?

Should its hold not be brittle? Still it tears me apart!

It wrings the smooth heart muscles like a plastic cask

It crushes, denting as if filled by air – what a mask!

How can the bond be so terrible to that sorrow – sweet face?

A flash of light, as my nerves faint, and find no grace.

This horror was well forgotten, but all the same exists

It makes an involuntary inner loathing which will not desist.

The wire grasp of the hateful thing constricts

While I have no other connection – still it convicts.

This is the sorrow of lost love burning in hate for me;

I have no hope for it, yet it hopes I'll never be free.

You'd think there'd be no longer a connection

Still- there's no escape from this heart dissection

I am helpless to this hapless darkened fate

Subject to love poisoned- turned to hate.

What is love that it should hold so strong-

To instill a passion to give or take so long?

What is love if it does nothing, for what is anything if it has no effect?